This post is a few weeks past due but when is there a wrong time for cake? Especially from a Masterchef Canada winner! That’s right, this review provides pictures and reviews of different items from Masterchef Canada season 7 winner, Christopher Siu! In this review, you will get a better idea of pricing, taste, and more in case you were curious to try some of their cakes, desserts, and drinks! For a visual preview of what you can expect in this blog post, see the reel below. Also, make sure to follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook for more food content!

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The cake lab/bakery is located at 3380 Midland Ave Unit 11, Scarborough, Ontario. This is a few minutes away from Midland and Finch where you will see a lot of popular boba spots. Parking should not be a problem, and please note this is for takeout only! They are also available on Uber Eats!


How it started vs How it ended

Prior to getting into the review, it is important to get some context about this popular cake spot. Daan Go was founded by MasterChef Canada season 2 competitor, Christopher Siu. Christopher who was in pharmacy prior to joining MasterChef, had a passion for baking after watching his father make cheesecakes for special occasions. This inspired his creativity and discovery of what he was truly passionate about. Christopher returned for season 7 of MasterChef’s “Back to Win”, to compete against other fan favourites from prior seasons and won! Frankly, I only started watching since season 7 but I was watching a lot of old clips on YouTube and he was definitely the person I was rooting for his skill was definitely noticed by his fellow competitors, so I am happy that he came out on top!

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Pricing and How To Order

As stated before you can order via Uber Eats, however, you can also order online and pick it up in-store or just order in-store. However, cakes do take time which is why you should order a few days in advance and that’s what I did for my mom’s birthday cake. You can visit their website to do that and to be honest, I couldn’t help myself because when I went to pick it up I saw some more items to try so I ended up buying there as well. The staff were really friendly and nice and made sure the cake is how I wanted it to look! The cake was the most expensive item in my order as I got the 5″x3″ cake that serves 6 (maybe more) for $42 CAD and the second most expensive item was the box of macaroons that everyone goes crazy for which was $30 CAD. The cheapest item was the cookies at $3 but you will see for each item pictured below the price will be shown as well!

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In this section, I have broken it down to each subcategory to give you more info about what I thought of it and the pricing.

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It’s only right I start off with the main reason for this review. When reviewing all the different options they all feature very bold flavours and since this is for my mom I didn’t want anything too extreme so she can enjoy. That’s why I went with the lady grey cake that features a main flavour of earl grey, combined with chocolate (mousse) and raspberry (insert and ganache) on a bed of caramelized rice puffs. I am not the biggest fan of Earl Grey but this cake definitely won me over love that you can taste each flavour and it provided a good contrast in your taste bud. It worked so well and the presentation was stunning with colours, the fruits and koala (Vietnamese coffee) macaroon on top with the lovely chocolate sign in front. I love the packaging as well and this is common for most items but this was the size for the cake! My only recommendation is that I wish there was more rice puffs at the bottom that would make this cake perfect! As stated before this cake for this size was $42 CAD but you can get more options and sizes on their site! PS. there was a gold topper I got which was $1 extra!


I have seen these on my instagram feed for years now but never took a further look into it until I found out about Christopher Siu on Masterchef Canada! These are some really tasty macaroons and it wasn’t just me who enjoyed it but my whole family and a lot of people I know. There are so many flavours you can choose from in your box but full disclosure some of them the flavour doesn’t give a distinct taste in your mouth (eg. white peach but maybe that’s just me?). However, some you do such as the mango and matcha! Nonetheless, the texture on each is great and these fun characters/animals on each macaroon provide a fun component to the overall experience. Overall, for the box it is a little pricy at $30 CAD but there are more options for you to try from individual ($3.50) to a tower cake ($160 CAD).

Cake Slices

In case you didn’t want or need to buy a whole cake, you can always go with a cake slice, and thankfully I went with these! The Mango cheese cake ($7 CAD) was perfected layered, easy to cut and enjoy. You really do get to taste all the fruits and the macaroon on top is incredible. It is a little sweet, but it is expected. For the Matcha ($8 CAD), I have no other words to say but magnificent. It has a delicious taste with the thin crepes that you easily devour and perfectly presented with the texture and presentation on top with the sprinkles and cream. By far my favourite item I had from Daan Go!


So when I got there I saw on there display two items that definitely looked cute but really tasty as well. Frankly, it lived up to my assumption but still gave some surprises. For instance, the “Tira-Meow-Su” is fully edible and is really creamy and provided good flavour and taste to what you would expect from a tiramisu cake. It was fun to try but not sure if I want to try again at $8 CAD. The other item is the “lucky duck” and is not fully edible but still delicious with the lemon curd and nuts. Felt bad for eating the duck but it definitely was one of the best part. This is sometime I would probably try again and is also $8 CAD.


The next items that I got spontaneously were these cookies. I believe the flavours were ultimate chocolate chip and walnut, respectively and both at $3.50 each. As you can see the chocolate was already melted and they did give me a warning prior to buying it and I was fine with that. They both were soft but not overly soft and a great treat. The chocolate stood out more to me.


I was surprised they had drinks so really wanted to try that and would help especially when trying these treats. Hong Kong tasted like a roasted milk tea not sweet but not bad at all, and definitely recommend drinking it chilled. The Thai milk tea was okay in my opinion, I drank it pretty chill but still not really sweet at all. Although it was interesting to have thai milk tea that wasn’t sweet, I still would recommend that the drink can you use a little bit of more sweetness. Both these drinks were priced at $4.50 CAD.

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All in all, I am so happy I finally was able to try Daan Go Cake Lab! This is definitely worth the price, for the quality, taste, and presentation that you get. I have a strong feeling that my family birthday cakes will be ordered here going forward and definitely will be returning for the small treats here and there. I recommend everyone to try it for themselves or as a gift! Fun fact, when I posted about the cake Christopher actually replied to my story and said that he was always looking for feedback to improve his recipes so I hope this blog post can help and all of you! Stay tuned by following the blog via email and on Instagram and Facebook! Let me know your thoughts below or on the social media posts and what your experience was if you had this before!

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