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Hey everyone, I am excited to share this video and blog post with all of you because this is of a site I have been a big fan of for so long now and I am thrilled I can do this unboxing. See below for a detailed review of each product including pricing and pictures (not covered in the video), what to expect, and how to save. So first, make sure you watch the video (like, share, and subscribe)prior to reading below! This post does have affiliate links, which you can click on to be redirect to the site!


SuperHeroStuff - Shop Now!

I am not sure when they launched and how exactly I came across their website but I know it has been almost 10 years. Of course, they probably started before that and they take pride on being the largest superhero store on the web with their insane amount of product selections from apparel to homeware, accessories to tech, and some items are exclusive to them! There is just so much that this site offers, all at great prices, and something I highly recommend for anyone whether it is for themselves or for a gift. It can be a one time gift or a subscription (eg. monthly mystery boxes). I really like the fact that in all my orders, I never had to pay duties and the items comes fairly quickly (within one week or 2 weeks during COVID) with the lowest shipping rate available with tracking (usually around $8.99 USD). Prior to talking about savings, I want to provide a more of an initial review of each item.

SuperHeroStuff - Shop Now!

Funko Pops

Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary – Black Widow Funko Gold Chrome Pop Bobble Head

This was an item I thought I was going to miss out, and as mentioned in the video it was a good pick up since the movie is finally going to come out. It’s a standard Funko Pop sizing, but it does come with a stand (kind of unnecessary) and I absolutely love the gold chrome finish. She’s an OG avenger in the MCU & I am happy to add this to the collection. Right now, there is only Black Widow & Groot available in this collection, but Black Widow is $12.99 USD, which you can still grab for yourself here.

Power Rangers Movie Black Ranger Pop Vinyl Figure

Another Funko Pop item I thought would be gone by now is the black Power Ranger from the 2017 film! I talked about it in the video that I loved watching power rangers as a kid and I really did enjoy the movie, however the actor who played Zack Taylor on the big screen was Canadian-Chinese actor, Ludi Lin. I still remember seeing an interview promoting the film and he instantly remembered the interviewer from a kids show I also grew up watching (Carlos from YTV The Zone). That’s why I am really happy to include this in the collection for all the different meanings. Oddly enough you can still grab this as well for the incredible price of $6.99 USD here!


So as you can tell a majority of this haul were socks, all very different but all incredibly awesome! Starting with the top left, in a pack of 5 Miles Morales ankle socks you have a lot of different colour options that are still true to the spiderverse. Unfortunately, sometime with sizing is not listed (however you can message, which I should have done) so these actually fit up to a Men’s size 10 so I don’t think I would be able to pull these off unfortunately. However, other socks especially the crew socks, if not listed usually do fit size 6-13, see the video for my take on the fit.

In terms of pricing, the most expensive pair of socks and item overall in my order were the Miles Morales pack at 19.99 USD which you can get here. However, the other crew socks (Red Hood, Star Labs, Avengers Quantum Realm Suit) were listed at $9.99 USD each except for the Infinity Gauntlet socks which were a special $5 mystery sock (usually $9.99) that you get prompted with when checking out. Keep in mind the artwork does get stretched a bit, but still a great way to add some flare and character to your outfit. These are all available, get Red Hood here, Star Labs here, Avengers Quantum Realm Suit here, and the Infinity Gauntlet here.


The last thing I got was a gift for my sister, which is this nice and subtle Harry Potter Hogwarts beanie. This is listed at $19.99 USD but because of the discount (read below), it came out to be cheaper than the Miles Morales pack. I like it because it does have the Hogwarts logo and all the different house colours and looks really warm with the knit, but see for yourself by checking it out here.

How to Save

So the prices I have listed before are all the original pricing, and with the exception of the Miles Morales pack they were all 25% off! That’s because there were a big sale going on, and that usually happens for big events (eg. holidays, black friday, star wars day, etc.). It is very often when sales do occur but if you don’t want to wait for that, just sign up to their email list to get 15% off! Stay tuned to social media on Instagram and Facebook for any future sales!


All in all, as stated before this is not a sponsored post but I genuinely love this site. They have always been great with customer service and provide so much to superhero fans all over! I really appreciate their hard work even during these times to get items to customers as soon as possible and constantly offering sales. This is an awesome site and I have been a customer of theirs for years now, I am just happy I can now be affiliated with them! Stay tuned to the channel & blog for more superhero content so subscribe there, and also show your support by following on Instagram and Facebook! Let me know your thoughts below as well here or on the social media posts!

SuperHeroStuff - Shop Comics Now!

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