HONEST REVIEW: THE Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen

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You may have noticed that I don’t like to post anything negative on my platform but I always strive to be as honest as possible when it comes to my reviews so it can potentially help you, the reader. Therefore, I tried food from a restaurant that I have always wanted to eat at but never did.. I guess it was a good reason because frankly I was not satisfied. I was surprised because it’s been in business for over 25 years and never heard any negative things about it. Nonetheless, maybe it was a one off, maybe it wasn’t? I will let you decide by reading below. But before you do, make sure you follow the blog on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more vegetarian food content!

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This is located at 3290 Midland Ave (Unit 9) in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario. Their location is part of the busy series of plazas at Midland & Finch (where you will find ChungChun, Daan Go, and Boba Boy for a few examples) but they are more specifically located in the “Scarboro Village Mall”. FYI parking is a super busy here. I know Google says they are open for dining in, but I went during the day and I didn’t see anyone dining in, just take out.


This was not cheap. It actually was a bit pricey, I ordered 4 items and it came up to $50. I know that can occur at times, but frankly it is expensive for fried rice. Nonetheless, you will see why it wasn’t worth it in the next few sections.


Is this supposed to be kung pao chicken?

Before I talk about the taste it is critical to talk about the service. First when we went in to order the person working there was rude and kept rushing us. If they were going to close that is fine we would have just left but it says they are open until 9pm. They said it would be ready within 10 minutes so when I went back in to get the food she pretty much shoved the bags to me. Unfortunately, when I got home I went to check the items and none of them looked great but 2 looked like it was the wrong order. I immediately called and got no response, so I went all the way back only to find out they were closed! This was around 6:50 pm! I’ve attached the pictures above and below of the 2 items I thought was a mistake because one is “vegetarian ball with cashew” (Which she said was a cashew sauce) and the other is kung pao chicken but where is the vegetarian chicken??

I guess this is supposed to be vegetarian ball with cashew?
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vegetarian fried rice

To simply put it, you are not missing out if you haven’t eaten from here. The “vegetarian ball with cashew” is just mushrooms and cashew with some soy sauce on top. Similarly, the “Kung Pao chicken” was similar but had some spice to it which wasn’t terrible but still not worth the price or to pass as chicken… The fried rice was not really fried and looked like a lazy effort with no flavour. Also, I did not like the noodles either. At first I wasn’t even sure where the noodles were because at first I thought it was just mixed vegetables drenched in sauce. However, it was just dumped on top of the noodles which didn’t seem cooked all the way and a bit mushy.

$45 First Package + Free Mystery Item - 728x90


Rice noodles with vegetables

 All in all, this restaurant lacked professionalism and taste which is why I won’t recommend anyone going here. It is unfortunate because you don’t see a lot of vegetarian restaurants and it’s always nice to support Asian owned establishments, but this is just a terrible experience I hope no one needs to go through. There are plenty of other Asian-owned and vegetarian restaurants you can support instead. Stay tuned to the blog because I do share my reviews of other vegetarian food and usually those are places you would want to check out, you can also stay tuned via social media by following on InstagramFacebook and TikTok!

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