REVIEW: Gong Cha – Croffles & Bubble Tea

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Croissants and waffles are two staple breakfast items, but combining the two is so unheard of… but it has a name, croffle. It also just so happens to be available at a very popular bubble tea spot, Gong Cha. Therefore, I had to check it out and see for myself if it was any good while enjoying some special boba! Read below for my review on the different items and this specific location, but don’t hesitate to support by following the blog via social media on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! For a visual teaser of what to expect, see below!

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History & Location

Gong Cha originated in Taiwan back in 2006 but has now expanded to over 20 different countries with a total of 1,650 stores! Mind you some stores/locations have exclusive items not every store carriers (eg. BTS tumblers). This is incredible for a brand that launched only 16 years ago. According to their website, “Gong Cha” is the act of offering tea to the Emperor in ancient China as a tribute, and since the emperors will only consume the highest quality of tea, Gong Cha prides itself in offering high quality of tea at their stores. You can learn more about the franchise and other cool facts on their website, but what I believe they are most known for is their bubble tea/boba. That is why Gong Cha does have a location at the very popular midland and finch area/plaza which I went to, as this location also carriers a speciality item, croffles! The specific location is 3290 Midland Ave Unit 5, Scarborough, ON and the specific plaza is “Scarboro Village Mall” with a decent amount of parking and dine-in options.


As you can see by the image above the prices are fairly decent and standard compared to other bubble tea spots. With the croffle only being $3.70 for one, it’s not too overpriced and neither were the drinks. The drinks we got were the peach teaffogato at $6 for a large and the oreo strawberry smoothie (I think was a limited drink) which I believe was $6 as well.

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Now the most important part, did the taste live up to the hype? Let’s start with the croffles. The original croffle (above) was not bad at all, it took the best part of a croissant, the flakiness, and combined it with one of the best part of a waffle, the warmth softness. The Crème brûlée (below) is more of a creamy sweet sauce on top which tastes similar to a caramel and maple flavour. Therefore, a little too sweet for me. My only concern that they only had forks available and even with two forks, it was difficult to eat it. In terms of the drinks, the oreo strawberry smoothie (above) is quite good and feels like I’m drinking a special McFlurry. I loved the colour and taste from the strawberry syrup combined with the little oreo bits. The peach teaffogato (below) consists of 3 different layers: fruit, smoothie, and tea. However, it doesn’t really taste like much and if anything tastes like a milk slush with a bit of peach. We did get 50% sugar for both, but if you really don’t want it to have a moderate amount of sweetness then I recommend going for less if possible.

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Overall and Recommendations

Frankly, I did enjoy having a croffle and can see myself coming here again for it plus trying more drinks from Gong cha. What I would get again would be the original or another flavour of the croffle along with the strawberry oreo smoothie. The creme brulee and peach teaffogato weren’t bad but a bit underwhelming. I would recommend Gong Cha Canada to firstly, have knives we can use for the croffles and maybe introduce other flavours to get more of a distinct and memorable taste to add to the others that they have already introduced. Once again I would recommend this and it really does vary based on your own preference so let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on the upcoming social media posts by giving a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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