Best PRIDE Sneakers!? Reebok Club C 85 “All Types of Love”

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I’ve been meaning to do this post and unbox these sneakers for nearly two years because when I bought these sneakers, I couldn’t help but think this might be the best pride sneakers to be released. Sure, it’s a lot but frankly the reason for why I think the message it literally shares which I will get to later on. But before you do, would love it if you follow the blog and on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more sneaker content! See below for an on-feet look and preview of what you can expect below!

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As you may be able to tell by the name of the sneaker, the Reebok Club C 85 is a sneaker that was introduced in 1985 with the “C” being short for “champion”. At the time Reebok were very popular, especially with a low cut tennis shoe like this. It has definitely become a staple sneaker for the brand for casual and lifestyle wear over the years.


I’ll admit until I actually put these on my feet, I didn’t realize how bright these were and the explosiveness of colour it had in this interesting tie dye pattern. Don’t get me wrong it still works and not the cheap/low effort take on pride sneakers from other sneaker brands with just slapping a rainbow flag. This was cool because the tie-dye effect is not common but the use of various colours sit well on the canvas/textile upper as it provides a refreshing remix to a classic silhouette. The rubber outsole is white along with the tongue to provide contrast. Plus, it does come with an extra set of laces if you want to keep it tie dye or use the white laces for a little contrast.


This is why I wanted to get this sneaker. Whether you are part of the community, an ally, or figuring yourself out, I do think this is a great sneaker. For me I’ve been wanting to have a pride sneaker added to my collection because of what pride represents and frankly, these wasn’t just a cash grab from a sneaker corporation, this is a sneaker that shares why pride is so important and why we should come together to celebrate. I’ve done my best to take a picture of the beautiful message on the tongue and I highly recommend you read it and share it because it is amazing and I love Reebok for including it. I also love the little detail they did on the box (see below).

Sizing and Fit

This is a classic sneaker (like the superstar 80s) so I would highly recommend going true to size with the option to going .5 down for a snug fit and .5 up for a very loose fit. But that is just my opinion because I have more of a wider foot. In terms of fit and comfort, please don’t expect much as there is no innovative tech to add any special cushioning to provide any added comfort. It’s not as uncomfortable as chucks so you can walk around fine with these.

Price and Place of Purchase

Another reason why I bought these sneakers is because of the great price I got it for. I got these on sale for $66 CAD from Reebok Canada’s website but I think it went even lower at one point. I get it, it’s so bright but it still was a good deal especially for this message. In terms of where else you can get similar Reebok sneakers at marked down prices, I would recommend Sportchek for a variety of Reebok sneakers, especially the Club C.


Cop or drop? For the beautiful message and the stand-out tie-dye design I think these are for sure a cop.

Comfort? I wouldn’t say it is super comfortable but it is decently comfortable as I have walked around for hours in these sneakers and I don’t really feel any ache until numerous hours later.

Aesthetic? I think it has a great aesthetic with the remarkable message and tie-dye design that provides a refreshing remix to a classic silhouette that can educate and inspire others.

Packaging? If you think this is just another Reebok classics sneaker box, look again. Look at that size tag and even though it is a simple thing it is beyond incredible of how they made it so inclusive!

Price? For $66 or less with a great message, this is a great price!

In conclusion, not just because I own these, I do think these are the best pride sneakers that have been released so far. I can not get over how amazing it was to first read that message on the tongue and with the super vibrant colours and tie-dye effect, I had several people come up to me and talk about it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and please show some support by following on YouTubeInstagramFacebook and TikTok! I hope you all stay safe and remember all love is important and to be celebrated!

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