HONEST REVIEW: END X Adidas Superstar 80s “Alternative Luxury”

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Hey everyone, recently I haven’t been well but I have improved a lot and slowly trying to get back to normal. Nonetheless, I wanted to create the video above and write this review of this special sneaker that clearly shows the amount of effort and details that went into this collaborative effort. This is a classic sneaker with a unique twist and perspective. See the video above and read below to learn more about this Adidas 80s Superstar sneaker in collaboration with END Clothing.

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This classic silhouette was introduced in 1970 as it is made its way on the hardwood floor, being introduced as the revolutionary (of course at the time), leather upper basketball sneaker. Prior to that era, basketball sneakers were dominated by the iconic canvas sneaker, Converse All-Stars. Wow, we really have come along way with sneakers. With Kareem Abdul Jabbar sporting the silhouette it definitely helped Adidas’ launch and capture market share. Of course as the years went by basketball sneakers have continued to improve and the market welcomed new entrants.

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However, it wasn’t until 1980s where the superstars found a new purpose and significance. The legendary hip-hop group RUN-DMC dominated the 80s and are considered pioneers of hip-hop culture and to an extent, sneaker culture. As the group gained more popularity fans took notice of their attire which was the 3-stripe tracksuits and superstar sneakers. It wasn’t until one monumental concert where they had at least 40,000 people hold up their Adidas sneakers simultaneously. It was clear that they were a big factor in the increase in sales for Adidas.

I am not sure the introduction of the Superstar 80s were planned with the success of RUN-DMC but Adidas did release an updated version of the superstars with a higher grade leather and sail coloured toe cap/shell toe (in the video I do apologize for saying toe cap but shell toes are often associated with Superstars). But besides that being the only difference between both models, the Adidas superstars as a whole product line are commonly known for being a staple lifestyle sneaker. Fortunately, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sneaker, there have been many iterations and collaborations, and in my opinion the best one to release are these “Alternative Luxury” versions designed by END Clothing.

Aesthetic and Design

The reason why I believe that these are the best version of the Superstars to release is because they really don’t look like any other releases and there are so many different materials, each not commonly seen on sneakers yet have been incorporated into this one sneaker.

This upper has so many luxurious detailing from the END branding in the gold foiling to the hairy grass suede in both green and red on the heel tabs. There is of course the tartan/plaid tongues and the leather upper which feels almost like suede a tad bit. However, in my opinion the detailing that immediately catches my eye is the Japanese Sashiko inspired denim and overstitching. I like that it is a predominantly white sneaker but the use of different materials and colours make it so unique.

Sizing and Comfort

I went true to size and do recommend that. However, I did find the sneaker to have more than enough space so if you had to go .5 down in sizing then you would probably be fine, it just would be more snug. I definitely don’t recommend going up in sizing. Also, in terms of comfort I don’t find these comfortable, and that’s usually the case of classic sneakers such as the air force 1. It would definitely be something you can get accustomed to but I would rank these near the bottom of my Adidas sneakers in terms of comfort.

$45 First Package + Free Mystery Item - 728x90

Price and Place of Purchase

As mentioned earlier, this is a collaboration sneaker between END Clothing and Adidas, however it was exclusive to END clothing through their online raffle system, END Launches. END Clothing is a global retailer and they often uses their launches system to release highly coveted sneakers globally but the chances of winning are extremely limited. Therefore, I was surprised to actually win and see that there were two sizes left to purchase on their main arrivals page. The sneaker retailed for $165 CAD, plus $20.95 in shipping. However, once the order arrived I had to pay $70.04 CAD in duties. Although it definitely adds up, I did enjoy this “W” and have an awesome addition into this collection. As of right now if you want to purchase it, there are some sizes available on StockX for a bit above retail. I would recommend waiting it out a bit.


Cop or drop? Cop. But wait for resale value to go down a bit (safe to monitor for 3 months).

Comfort? Not really comfortable if you do have sneakers that are designed to provide additional comfort. However, if you are comfortable with chucks then this would be great for you. Therefore, in terms of comfort, keep your expectations low as it is not designed to provide the comfort newer sneakers do today but still something you can wear for everyday use.

Aesthetic? Great. The successful incorporation of different materials makes this the most unique Superstar 80s (in my opinion) to release. You don’t see any of the three main materials on sneakers generally, and the fact you get it all on one shoe is incredible.

Price? More on the higher end, and with a name like “alternative luxury” it is somewhat expected. However, it is mainly because of the duties and shipping but I am still happy with my purchase.

Packaging? I really like it. Having the END “delivered” box is great touch and then to actually feel the smooth premium white and black packaging with the quality travel bag is beneficial.

All in all, this is a sneaker I am proud to have in my collection and when looking at it, it clearly shows a retailer that truly cares about executing a unique twist true to their brand that would actually be appreciated by the consumer. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out the video like, share, and subscribe.

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