Hey Everyone, I know I am terrible with uploading all my vacation content but I promise you I am working on it! Therefore, I wanted to do a review on a place that I loved eating at and definitely will be hopefully when I am in LA again! This burger place is more than just any other burger joint. It is 100% plant based, has a lot of cool merchandise, and just an overall vibe. I’ll get into all of that in the sections below but for more LA and/or vegetarian content make sure to give a follow on social media on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook ! See below for a teaser of what you can expect! Update June 2022: I did try more items including the Travis Barker collaboration, so to read part 2 of the blog post click here

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History & Location

Similar to Pasta Sisters, Monty’s was also a spot that we had our list because I remember watching a video from Buzzfeed/Goodful where this business was featured. Monty’s was founded in 2018 serving a 100% plant-based menu across 5 different locations. You can read more about them on their website but I just found it really cool for what they stand for and strive for along with the environment they try to create. I went in the evening to the Beverly location located at 8432 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, California. You can find parking right across in a paid parking lot (I think for Target) and the rate wasn’t too bad if I recall.

Price, Service & Set-Up

When I went back in November 2021 dining space was a bit limited but I believe it is fully open now. Regardless if you are taking out or dining in you would need to go to the front to place your order. There you will also see a spot to get some cool free stickers and a nice set up of the different merch they have and it is not just simple print screen items, some (maybe all) were in collaboration with popular skate streetwear brand Primitive! I was intrigued then but now I am 100% getting it if it is still there next time! The area is red lit with some classic diner feel to give a cool and cozy aesthetic without trying too hard. You will also see some cool spots to take pictures or just enjoy the unique place mats when you sit down. I can’t recall properly if we went up to get the food or if they brought it to us but I did find the staff respectful and had a good vibe even though we went at night and they were probably tired. In terms of price you can see what they had displayed outside (I tried to take a decent picture so please excuse my shadow). As you can see the prices are not too high and what you can usually expect from a Canadian or American spot that focuses only on either plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian options. I thought the prices weren’t too bad, and that’s why I included the picture of the half & half of tater tots & fries which is a solid portion for only $4 and came with a free sauce (I got a free sauce looking back at the receipt via YELP or something but if I remember how I will update it)! But regardless of the price, does the taste justify it?


In short yes, but let’s get into the details. Firstly I want to apologize for not taking proper pictures of the burgers but I did struggle to take them because they were so big! Which frankly, is a great problem to have when you’re eating! The burger on the left was the “Monty’s single cheeseburger” and the right is the “Charlie’s Chickɘn Sandwich”. Both burgers were really good and it is hard to pick my favourite. The Monty’s Good Burger does taste like hamburger and if you had impossible burgers before you would probably be able to identify the patty. The chickɘn was really good to and the breading was done right as it was soft yet well cooked! Although it was massive, it was crispy and tender inside. In terms of the taste it reminded me a bit of the light life burgers but I know this is all house made even the pickles! The combination of the pickles and vegan mayo complemented the burger really well but my only suggestion is that it had more sauce (I am also curious about how the other sauces taste).

Of course, I couldn’t leave Monty’s without trying their drinks. On the left you can see the Dr.Monty’s Float and on the right is also a house made drink, the organic cane sugar craft soda in the vanilla cream flavour. I really enjoyed the float but I think the main reason why was because of that delicious oatmeal ice cream. In my opinion, I also felt that the house root beer has a kick to it, a bit more than what you would expect from a root beer. The vanilla cream wasn’t too sweet either. Also, in terms of the Fries & Tots (50/50), they were nice and warm but nothing extraordinary and came in a generous size. I am curious if this or the other locations have the special fries that they have online which I am really curious about eg. Max’d Out and Dog Pile! However, I would recommend for the sauces you should go with the ranch and bbq!

Overall and Recommendations

All in all, I don’t have any recommendations because so far this has been my favourite vegan/plant-based fast food restaurants I have eaten at of all time! I would recommend you trying all these items and I myself will be getting the burgers again as well as trying other items on their menu and maybe even another location. Nonetheless, this location and food is something I would highly recommend if you’re in LA whether you are vegan, vegetarian, following a plant-based diet or not! I think the prices are fair for the most part and the taste justified it. I am curious to know what your thoughts are whether you’ve been here or want to go. Let me know in the comments below or on social media by giving a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook as I will be posting more veg and LA content!

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