Is The Travis Barker Shake Worth It?: Monty’s Good Burger Review Part 2

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Hey everyone, if you have been following along on social media you may know that I recently went back to LA a few months ago and even went back to some of the food spots I enjoyed the first time I was there. This includes Monty’s. I was debating just updating the original Monty’s review (which you can read here) but since I tried new items including the collaborative drink they have with iconic drummer, Travis Barker, I thought it would be best to do a new blog post. I also got some merch so I will talk about that as well in this blog post and will try not to repeat too much from the original. Before you read the review below, give a follow on social media on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook and see the visual preview below!

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I actually went to the same location, the Beverly location, located at 8432 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, California. I went a bit earlier this time and I went with the family, we also parked nearby at a paid parking lot for Target. Mind you Monty’s does have several locations and you can view them on their website. To learn more about Monty’s history, read here.

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Travis Barker Collaboration

I grew up being a fan of Travis Barker because of his contribution to pop punk and hip-hop from Blink-182 to notable collaborations with rappers, and even having his own clothing line (who else remembers Famous Stars & Straps !?). I wasn’t aware that he has been vegan since 2009 and is actually an investor in Monty’s which makes sense on why this collaboration came to be! When you to go Monty’s now you might see some new additions to the merch which is the Travis Barker collaboration. The options if I can recall correctly is a t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, and a cap ranging from $25-$70 USD. As you can see above, I did get the long sleeve shirt because I really like the graphic and text all over as it does reminds me of the “Bone” comic from back in the day which makes sense since Monty is a dog. For clothing it does fit as expected (for me) so I would go with the size you usually get it.

However, the real start of this collaboration is Travis Barker’s Oat Matcha Latte Shake! This is a must for anyone, it really is that good! It really does taste amazing, and that’s mainly because of the thick oat soft serve at the top of the shake (you gotta eat it first before really tasting the rest of the shake). The matcha powder is apparently supplied from Travis Barker and it compliments the delicious oatmilk as you do taste the matcha but it’s not overpowering or anything like that. FYI, the drink is now a permanent menu item for $8.50 (it’s worth it)! 

Other Items

As mentioned earlier, I did do a more detailed review of Monty’s before so make sure to check it out here before reading on as these are other items I have tried this time around. What you see above is the Max’d Out Fries & Tots (50/50) which consists of a house spread, cheese from “Follow Your Heart”, and grilled onions. It’s literally like a big mac exploded on tater tots and french fries while being 100% plant-based and gluten free! It tasted really good, but I would say you need to eat it hot to really enjoy it and if you’re not a big fan of tater tots then just stick with the fries. For $9 you really do get a lot as it was hard to finish this.

Next up and similar to McDonald’s, Monty’s has their own happy meal called the “The Monty Meal”! I thought this was really cool from the packaging and for the amount of stuff you get. You can choose between chicken tenders or grilled cheese, fries or tots, a chocolate chip cookie, a drink, and your choice of 2 dipping sauces. The meal is $14 but you do get a lot for the price and I got the chicken tenders and went with BBQ & habanero sauce. The chicken tenders are hot and seasoned nicely in the breading, it had a crispy taste which I liked. It did remind me of the Gardein “Nashville Hot Chick’n tenders”. The habanero was actually really spicy and not sure why the employee kept pushing it, because frankly it was too much heat and little to no flavour so I personally wouldn’t recommend that sauce. But the cookie, drink, and fries tasted really good.

We also did get the Charlie’s chicken burger & single cheeseburger again but you can read about that in the original review here.


All in all, the Travis Barker matcha oat latte shake is a must try and so is Monty’s. I’ve said it before, but this is currently my favourite plant-based/vegan fast food place and it goes beyond just the food. I love what they stand for and what they offer. It’s something that I hope to get again and hey, maybe one day they will expand to other countries!? Nonetheless, I am curious to know what you think, especially if you have tried any of these, so let me know in the comments below or on the upcoming social media posts on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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