During my recent trip to LA, I made sure to get some boba this time around and I’m glad I did… I just wish I got to stay a bit longer to enjoy more of what this spot has to offer! Nonetheless, I am glad I went and if I find myself in LA again, I can see myself going back. You can see why once you read the review below, see the pics, and learn about what you can expect if you plan on going as well! Prior to reading below watch the visual teaser below and please feel free to support by giving a follow on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more food content!

About + Location

I first heard about this place via a Buzzfeed video where they had an enormous size Boba as part of a challenge. Although that was for a limited time, they have built a significant following with various items to choose from and have scaled from Boba to clothing, classes to NFTs, and so much more! MILK+T is a queer owned boba bar that initially started as the world’s first self-served boba truck back in December 2015. They have since expanded to 3 physical locations, and offer catering. The one I visited is what I believe to be their first, which is in Little Tokyo, LA, specifically 310 E 2nd St. As you can see below the space is not too small but there aren’t any options to eat inside from what I can recall. Please note parking is super limited so you might need to walk a bit if you are driving and several paid parking options. I would recommend that if you do have the time as there are a lot of cool shops in the area!


Just like how they started with their food truck, this location is also self-serve. What that means is that you will need to wait to use a kiosk where you can place your order, provide your number, and then get notified when it is ready (or the employee might call it out as well). Therefore, keep in mind it is credit card only.


Now, for the most important part, how did it taste?.. Incredible! We were in a rush and we could only get 2 drinks so we got the “bad bunny” (left) and “the boyfriend” (right). What you may not notice is that these 2 drinks are under their “sip’n’dip” section of their menu because these premium boba drinks are paired with ice cream! Because we were in a rush we got them inside the jar and it still tasted great! I got the Bad Bunny which consists of almond milk, taro root, purple yam, cane sugar, and cookies & cream ice Cream. You can also choose up to 3 toppings so I got chia seeds, rainbow jelly and of course, boba! The toppings tasted great and the drink on its own is good but the ice cream is what really makes it really good because you can taste the taro but there was a nice smoothness as well. My sister got the boyfriend which comes with lactose-free green milk tea, brown sugar and cookies & cream ice cream but she substituted with oat milk and still tasted really good (I kind of liked it more than the bad bunny). It reminded me of a roasted French vanilla, which is really interesting for a boba drink. I wish I could have tried the other options such as the coffee, milk tea, and iced tea.


The second most important thing is usually the price. I remember spending something around $16 USD for the 2 drinks after tax which makes sense because I believe the Bad Bunny was $7.50 and the Boyfriend was $6.95. Given the fact that it comes in a nice glass bottle which I believe is 16 oz (you can also get it in a plastic cup for 20oz) this is definitely worth the money and a fair price in my opinion. While you are waiting you can see some posters for upcoming events, as well as their boba class and some of their own cool merch and products such as t-shirts, books, and pins. These were a bit pricey if I recall correctly.


All in all, I would recommend this place and would love to go back again. It would be great if MILK+T does open a Toronto location in the near future because the flavour, options, and overall uniqueness of what they bring (self-serve boba, queer owned, speciality products, etc.) is awesome! I need to try more of their items but let me know if you have or want to as well in the comments below or on the upcoming social media posts on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! Feel free to support by following as well, especially since there will be more LA content on the way!

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