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I want to start this blog post by saying it feels so good to be at the theatre again after so long. As you know, I am definitely a fan of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (mainly because of my sister of course) but on May 31st, 2022 I was able to attend the first night / opening day of the Toronto production of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child at the Ed Mirvish Theatre. In this blog post I will share my experience of the overall event which includes the show, merchandise, food, and how I compare it to the New York experience (since I did go to see part 1 in New York back in February 2020). Therefore, have a read below but before you do make sure to check out (and hopefully follow) on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more Harry Potter Content! For a visual teaser see the TikTok video below!

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First thing first is tickets. I don’t even remember when we got our tickets because it felt like a such long time but it was through American Express because I believe they are a partner since inside I did notice a few American Express signs. I believe the tickets were around $160 each which does seem pricey but we were actually just 3 rows from the stage! You can still grab tickets from the Mirvish or Cursed Child Canada website!

Venue & Protocol

As mentioned this was at the Ed Mirvish Theatre located at 244 Victoria St, Toronto located at the heart of downtown Toronto (Yonge & Dundas). You will be able to find several paid parking options nearby and easily accessible via public transit. The doors did open a little less than hour before the show and you are not allowed to bring any outside food or drink. You are also required to wear a mask when inside the building. Oh and of course phones should be turned off during the performance!

Photo Ops & Activations

There were a few things inside where you can take photos such as the telephone booth (a key part in the play), the Hogwarts house banners, and an Instagram filter that supposedly brought the patronus to life. I say supposedly because I tried multiple times and it didn’t work but I think it may have worked for others?


There were a few things you can get in terms of merchandise but frankly they were really pricey. I have the list so you can see for yourself. I ended up getting the pens (Cursed Child & Gryffindor) along with the tote bag. The t-shirt and book looked interesting but I couldn’t justify the price in my opinion. I also want to mention that the merch line up before, during (intermission), and after the show was long, especially the main one upstairs. In comparison to New York from what I can recall there were more options in New York. I remember for one of the drinks we got in New York, we got a special Cursed Child cup which would have been cool for Toronto to have as well.

Magical Items at the Concession Stands

Mainly some snacks, water, and alcohol is what you can expect at the theatre but there were some cool magical treats that Harry Potter fans would be intrigued in. As you can see by the images above here were some of the treats you can find. The bakery items (cupcakes, cookies,etc.) were the same ones at the Jacob Kowalski pop-up and the Harry Potter branded items is what you can usually find at exotic snack stores.

The Play

Of course this is the most important part of this review. I was in awe of everyone who made this play so memorable. If you’re not familiar with the book or the play it takes place 19 years after the battle where Harry, Ron and Hermione saved the wizarding world as they are now with their kids ready to go to Hogwarts. The play revolves mainly around 2 of the children Albus Severus (Harry & Ginny’s son) & Scorpius Hyperion (Draco Malfoy’s son). The cast is so talented in how they bring these characters to life and of course the behind the scenes crew are equally talented for the amazing set design and transitions/effects. I don’t want to get into full detail because I don’t want to spoil anything but I loved the story and the tempo. I remember in New York (Feb 2020) it was longer because it was in 2 parts but this went by pretty fast and the intermission was much shorter. I want to say that it started roughly at 7 and ended at 10:30pm.

It was so cool to see the different tricks and choreography that was implemented as well as the immersive component of the play. I do want to note that when there was the cold fog/smoke it did feel cold and the scenes with fire, I definitely felt the heat! I was genuinely shocked with the way they pulled it off and I can’t begin to imagine the amount of hours that went in for preparation, production, and rehearsals. As I told someone who interviewed me outside the theatre, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Harry Potter or not it’s an incredible show because they do bring the magic. I am happy that it did live up to the hype after I saw part 1 in New York but frankly, I actually enjoyed this Toronto production much more!


All in all, I really had a great time watching this live performance of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Harry Potter or live theatre productions as I feel the chances of you being disappointed is very low. I do wish they had better options in terms of merchandise and more pos systems to help with the line ups but other than that I think it was great! If you’ve gone to see the show in Toronto or anywhere else please let me know your thoughts below or if you are planning to get let me know as well! Please feel free to support by following on social media on InstagramFacebook, & TikTok!


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