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For yourself, how successful are Instagram ads? For me, I would say it can be very successful since I found myself an hour away from home to check out this spot. To be fair, I was in Oshawa for an appointment but nonetheless I made sure to check this spot out and grab the item I got the ad for (which you will see below). I’ve always seen stores like this via social media but never been to an actual store until now. Read below to learn more about the store and the awesome finds I got, which is definitely going to excite some people! Before you do proceed to read and see the pictures, make sure to give a follow on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more exclusive items, food content, and of course overall cool things! See below for a visual teaser!


Anything grab your attention? Read the review for a better look, pricing & more info! For me the #dragonballz #senzubean & #ghostfacekillah chips but got so much more things I’ll be getting again! #naruto #anime #exoticsnacks #raresnacks #fyp #foryou #oshawa #oreo #lays #rapsnacks #krispykreme #kitkat #skittles #candyshop #candytok #snacks

♬ Daytona 500 (feat. Raekwon & Cappadonna) – Ghostface Killah

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About & Location

Snackrite Xotiks is a store (in-person and online) that carries exotic/exclusive snacks from all over the world that you won’t find at your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, or Costco! These items includes special flavours, collaborations, and items that are usually just exclusive to one part of the world. Thankfully, Snackrite has a good selection of items and is perfect for snack connoisseurs as well as fans of hip-hop, anime, harry potter, and more! I ended up talking to the owner and one of the employees for a while about a lot of different things, especially Wu-Tang but something cool that they mentioned is that the purpose of the store was to help showcase the different interests people have around the world while connecting it with one another. Another interesting fact is that the owner was originally from Scarborough and the other dope individual working is also from Scarborough!

The store is located in downtown Oshawa, Ontario at 27 Simcoe St South so parking is super limited. However, there was a parking lot near by on Athol st. right in front of Jimmy Guaco’s which you can park at a pretty low rate and I believe on weekends it is free.

What’s Inside + Pricing


As you can tell there are several anime collaborations that you can find inside. The first thing that caught my eye that I had to get was the Dragon Ball Z Senzu Beans at $4 and then the Naruto Shippuden at $6.50. I am not sure how the Naruto treat tastes since that is a gift but the Senzu beans taste pretty good (reminds me of nerds) but look simple inside. I didn’t get some of the other treats or pokemon ramen either because I’ve had it before or because it had some sort of meat eg. gelatine, fish. When I went in July 2022, I got these Pokémon drinks for $5 each.

Sonos New Beam

I did notice some pretty cool Dragon Ball Z drinks as well but I already had one at home, but I think get the the Tahitian Treat (carbonated fruit punch at $5) which wasn’t bad but I also got the Pepsi Cola Vanilla at $2.50, and frankly that was probably the worst cream soda I’ve had. Other things that I got that were non-anime but still pictured above was the bag of Crunch Minis from Japan at $10 and those were nice but I think I do prefer the regular bar more. However, if you want something light and still enjoy that chocolate rice crisp this is perfect for you. I also got the Skittles Chewies No Shell for $5.50 which was still a bit hard yet gets stuck in your mouth but honestly addicting.

Not Your Everyday Chips

I didn’t get any of these because I already caught myself buying a lot so I didn’t want to buy more for now. Personally none of the Lay’s flavours interested me as a vegetarian but the TGIF ones kinda do for next time. I didn’t think some of the prices weren’t that bad for the Oreos but I did get the $2 Oreo cakesters (pictured above under the TGIF chips). For me, the cakesters is not my thing as it tasted like ordinary whoopie pies or whatever it is called. However, they do have some exclusive oreo flavours that did look interesting.

Nudie Jeans Co

Pop Culture

There are other cool items that are in collaboration with pop culture such as Stranger Things X Sour Patch Kids and these Friends (TV show) cookies from the UK! I got the Rachel red velvet cookies foe $9 and the Stranger Things Sour Patch Kids was $4.

Breakfast Items

As you can see above, there are several breakfast items from cereals to pancake mixes, poptarts and some interesting items from Krispy Kreme. Frankly, I couldn’t see myself using the pancake mix since I just bought some recently but I did end up buying a mini crullers for $5.50. It was okay at best, because the glaze was present but it reminded me of the packaged pastry you find at big box grocers. However, I am not a big Krispy Kreme fan so if you are then I am sure you would like this and can make a valid point for whether or not this does taste like a Krispy Kreme product.

Hip-Hop Chips

As stated in the begging of the blog post about effective Instagram ads, the only reason why I even know about this place and made sure to check this out was to grab a bag of the special Ghostface Killah 25th Anniversary (of his album Ironman) chips at $6.99! Thankfully these chips were proper as it reminded of the classic Lay’s chips but the jalapeño flavour gave it a nice little kick. I was also tempted with the RAP snacks as I have had them before and they never disappoint. July 2022 Update: I got the hip hop snacks drink featuring Lil Baby as well as a peach Canada Dry for $5 & $4.5 respectively.


Of course there are some way more items but these were some interesting finds I have seen here and some were not pictured that I did buy. There were several Skittles Japan specialities including the Yogurt flavour tube at $3.50 which wasn’t bad but also tasted similar to the soft chews even though this did have the shell. I also got the Kit Kat “Kookie & Kreme” from India for $2 which was pretty basic. What I do want to say is that Lotus Biscoff chocolate bar was absolutely delicious with a sensational milk chocolate filled/layered on top of a crumble of the signature biscuits. Also from July 2022, I got the these Kraft chocolate wafer bars for $2.50.


All in all, I thought it was pretty cool spot and I liked the section. I can see myself getting some stuff (not as much) but definitely have somethings I want to try next time and some items I need to get again! Sure, the prices are a bit high but I feel that should be expected due to how rare some of these items are and they are essentially a small business. I am curious to know what your thoughts are whether you’ve been here before or tried any of these items. Let me know your thoughts via social media by giving a follow on on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!


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