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Hey Everyone! So this food blog post review has been something I wanted to do for a while now but I never have been to dine-in until today. If you know me, you might think that is surprising that I have never dined in at one of Scarborough’s most popular establishments, Markham Station. I have had their breakfast before via uber but not the early morning breakfast or 3am dine in like some others usually do. Therefore, read below for a brief review of my experience at Markham Station and learn more about them. For a preview, see the video below! Of course, make sure you follow the blog and on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more vegetarian food content!

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About & Location

Markham Station Restaurant has been operating as a 24 hour diner at Markham and Sheppard in Scarborough for as long as I can remember. They have since expanded to Richmond Hill as well but there is something about this OG Scarborough location that people love and connect to. In terms of traffic and parking, it is located in a busy plaza but I am sure you will be able to get parking somewhere in the big parking lot.

Process and Service

This was my first time at the diner and we did have to wait outside for a bit, however the wait time did not take more than 15 minutes and usually there isn’t a significant wait time from what I have been told. What ended up happening was that they took down the number of people you are dining with and give you a number then call it when there is a table ready. Usually that is not the case but today apparently was one of the most busiest it was. (I didn’t take a video because I was shivering from waiting outside). I also want to state that the servers were really nice and friendly, even if they weren’t waiting our table! Also, I do want to mention that inside it does look nice and cozy, plus your tables will come with a standard menu sheet and items to add to your meal.


Price and Menu

I do want to mention again that this was not my first time having Markham Station, just dining in. I’ve had it via Uber eats for breakfast where it usually a 3 egg omelette that comes with a choice of home fries, roasted potatoes, or rice. It did seem like they have a lot of Greek options in addition to the popular items you usually see at a diner. The price does seem to have increased from when I last recall (especially with the prices of almost everything going up recently), but I would still say it is fair because I am always left feeling full. The two items you see below costed $16.50 and $11 I believe. And yes, I am a vegetarian that eats egg occasionally.


Now for the most important part, how did it taste? Frankly, I liked it, especially mine (the top left) which is called the Spanish. The only thing I added to mine was the spinach but it already comes with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and frankly what I believe to be is salsa. I thought it tasted great and the home fries were hearty. It also comes with 2 slices of bread (I believe toasted with butter) that has been cut into 2, with your choice of White, Brown, or Rye. My sister got the 3 egg omelette with mushrooms and onions which wasn’t bad, but I prefer mine because I believe that tomato sauce/salsa is what gave the most flavour paired with some awesome veggies. Another thing I tried for the first time today was the hot chocolate. I didn’t expect it to look like it but it was pleasantly surprising in terms of aesthetic and taste. However, I did feel the price for this was a little too high.

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Overall and Recommendations

All in all, I enjoyed my time at Markham Station and I can see why people come often. I do want to say that the food itself wasn’t extraordinary but it wasn’t bad either. These were classic, reliable choices that are always great to have. Therefore, in terms of pricing, it is a bit high but I think it is still relatively fair. For me, I think the main reason for why I would go back is in large part due to the great service. I would recommend/suggest if they can maybe incorporate some plant based options to attract even more individuals but also to add some intriguing choices to the menu. I am curious to try their french toast and pancakes next! If you’ve been here before let me know your thoughts below or on social media by following on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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