If you’re familiar with my taste and the blog you should know by now I have a sweet tooth and I am always supporting Scarborough. Therefore, when Master Chef Canada alumni and fellow Scarborough resident Andre Bhagwandat opened up this bakehouse, I had to try it on opening day! In this review, you will get a better idea of pricing, taste, and more in case you were curious to try some of their cakes, desserts, and drinks! Don’t forget to support and follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook for more food content! For a visual teaser on what you can expect, see the video below!


I’ve been a fan of Andre’s work since he was on #masterchefcanada plus he’s from #scarborough so I had to check it out! The blog post review has all the info! #fyp #bhagysbakehouse #desserttiktok #torontofoodie #scarboroughfood #cookies #cake #torontotiktok #screammovie


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Image source: MasterChef Wiki

As stated before the owner of this new Scarborough establishment is Andre Bhagwandat. He participated in the sixth (runner-up) and seventh seasons of MasterChef Canada where he displayed his talent for so many to see, including myself. I was impressed by what he made and saw his posts come up here and there. I was also amazed to know that he went to a school near mine and also worked at Scarborough healthcare so he was someone I was rooting for during the competition. Since his appearance on the show, I have been checking out his stuff so when I saw he was finally opening up his own place I had to try it on opening day!


This bakery is located at 3380 Midland Ave Unit 7, in Scarborough which is in the Midland/Finch area and in the same plaza as fellow MasterChef Canada alumni Christopher Siu’s bakery, Daan Go. This specific plaza is a bit tight for parking and we went a day after a snowstorm so it was a bit tricky to get in so just be mindful of that but for the most part, parking is not a problem and if needed, you can park at the bigger plaza which is only a couple minutes away by walking.

Currently, they haven’t updated storefront signage to theirs so, at a quick glance, you might miss it but they do have their signs on their door. Also, this place is really tight (2 people at a time) as you need to pre-order to pick up your items. There is a great display of awesome nostalgic things that I love on one side while there is a menu on the other. The backdrop of nostalgia is something I need to go back to and take a picture in front of the next time I am there.

Price and How To Order

As mentioned in the previous section, currently they are only accepting pre-orders and you can check it out via their website (bhagys.ca) or their Instagram. Once you pre-order they will give you a time frame to come and pick up your order. They have a few options you can choose from such as cakes (3 inches & 7 inches), cereal bars, and cookies. He has a few different options in terms of flavours for each menu item such as coconut, confetti, ube, red velvet, cookies and cream, and so much more! They also have combos where you can get multiple cakes or a mixture of both cake and cookies! The prices for individual menu items ranges from $3 to $55 and the prices for combos from $15 to $81.


I got the 3″ Cake & Crumbs combo and selected the 3′ Cookies & Cream cake with one chocolate chip, one confetti, and one double chocolate chip. My favourite menu item was the cake as I really enjoyed it. It had a really comforting taste and feel to it mainly because of the great texture since the chocolate cake was rich and moist. It comes in a nice plastic box you can probably use but it also reminded me of the deep dish cakes I used to see commercials for back in the day. The confetti cookie reminded me of birthday cake and birthday cake timbits with the fun elements like sprinkles and frosting but it wasn’t overwhelming at all. The chocolate chip cookie is good but I found it really sweet, surprisingly sweeter than the confetti. If you’re not someone who has a sweet tooth, it might not be for you but yet again it was sprinkled with some salt on top I believe that had a nice contrast in flavour. I thought the double chocolate chip was really good, sure it is double chocolate but I felt that the flavour of the chocolate was more rich and indulging with every bite. The texture of the cookie was hard but it wasn’t a bad thing as it crumbles in your mouth (and hands) with every bite.

I was also surprised by my neighbor who gifted me with several chocolate chip cookies! These were massive and it was part of his opening day special where it was priced at $2 and it was really nice of her to give me that even though she didn’t have to!


All in all, I can definitely see myself going here again and trying even more items from them in the future. I am curious to see what Chef Andre adds to the menu in the near future but my personal suggestions from here are the cookies & cream cake, confetti cookie, and double chocolate chip cookie! I think for the price you are getting your money’s worth. I also hope they do add more space to their location in the near future. If you have been here or are curious to try, let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media by following me on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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