REVIEW: Casablanca x New Balance 237 “Light Monogram”

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It’s been a while since I have done a sneaker review which is why I wanted to make sure I did one that is perfect for Spring/Summer! This sneaker is just that, as it is a special collaboration between a luxury brand, Casablanca and New Balance, which often gets sold out. However, I was able to get this for a good price, and you should be able to as well below. Before you proceed with the blog post, watch the video above for the unboxing, on-feet look, and more. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe as well as follow on Instagram and Facebook!


The brand that New Balance is collaborating with is a luxury brand that I initially mistaken as a streetwear brand because of how popular it has gotten. The brand is founded by Charaf Tajer and based out of Paris but the founder himself has mentioned that he takes from both Paris and Morocco. The way the brand positions themselves is more of a luxury meets athletic wear and is also seen branded as “Casablanca Tennis Club”. You can shop more from Casablanca here.

New Balance is definitely a big brand when it comes to sneakers and have really found a place in the market for a lot of different demographics (not just dads) and the collaborations like this really helps. If you want to check my prior New Balance reviews you can do so here, and after a successful 2020 they released the 237 this year a followup to their very successful 327 silhouette. However, it looks like the 237 has not done as well as the 327 and frankly I think that’s just because it came out very quickly in comparison to the 327 which I personally don’t think New Balance expected to do as well as it did. Nonetheless, I definitely like the 237 design, especially this colourway which is why I got it.


The design inspiration and execution that New Balance was going for was a 70’s runner and I can definitely see that mainly in comparison to some old Nike runners and the Sacai collaboration but nonetheless, the aesthetic if it is still unique. The most striking part is probably the foam midsole but what I like about it is that it is in white with a vibrant green trim and a dusty pink strip. These colours are consistent throughout the sneaker as you the vibrant green on the outsole which has a nice rubber wavy pattern/traction with subtle New Balance branding while also being the primary laces (comes with extra white laces) while the dusty pink is seen underneath the big leather New Balance “N” logo in beige that’s on top of the perforated upper.. You will see those 3 colours on the heel which is the best part in my opinion, the beautiful interlocking monogram. It really steals the show and looks great in my opinion. A special surprise but consistent with the clothing that was part of the collaboration was on the tongue there is a special trim that features the capsule’s floral design. You will also see branding in the sockliner as well. Although this may not be a fan favourite from the majority, it really did catch my eye and I think it looks nice.

Sizing and Fit

In terms of sizing, I went with my true to size, 11, and it felt great. There was some space but after walking a lot in these I think this is the best option. I do feel that if I went down half a size I think it will be snug but can still maybe work, but with a .5 up it will be too loose, and I do have more of a wider foot. Definitely try to see if you can try on a general release version in store somewhere to find the best fit for yourself but if in doubt, go with your true to size!

Place of Purchase and Price

If you are worried about returns, the place I got it from has a great return program and that is SSENSE. If you were following along on social media you would know that SSENSE has the best sale and deals and that’s why I got these because it was a discounted price and I also had a 10% of discount. You can still grab some pairs at a low price of $156 CAD here. You can actually but the latest Casablanca 237 colourway which is very similar but features a darker red and green colour blocking here. To shop some general release version colourways you can do so here.


Cop or drop? Cop on sale. The 237 is a solid sneaker but not sure if it is worth the marked up value for this price of $100 to $150 CAD I think it is worth it for a distinct colourway or collaboration.

Comfort? Nothing extradorinaiy, but definitely has a decent amount of comfort. I did go walking on a trail for over an hour to break these in and wore them consistently for over 2 weeks and they were pretty solid. My feet did not ache nor did I have any regards of wearing those when walking around.

Aesthetic? It’s nice. The monogram is distinct and the overall colour scheme in my opinion is great for spring summer, and the special floral trim is a great touch that further validates that opinion.

Packaging? The Packaging is also distinct even though it is still minimalistic. It is primarily in white but in a green font colour the lid says idéaliste which in English translates to Idealistic. You can also expect minimal New Balance and Casablanca branding on the side.

Price? The original retail price for this colourway is pretty high at $240 CAD but on sale it’s not that bad. The general release versions are honestly at an affordable price at $100 CAD but you can grab them for even lower at times including this one with final sizes for under $90 CAD.

In conclusion, I don’t regret this sneaker purchase at all. I can see myself breaking these out every time during the Spring to Summer transition. Let me know your thoughts below about this collaboration, your thoughts on this New Balance model, Casablanca more here or on Instagram and Facebook ! Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel and stay tuned for exclusive offers, deals, and content so you don’t miss out on future sneaker savings and drops!

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