You may have heard that the cop comedy sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” being cancelled. The news was released yesterday and like me, fans are upset or outraged by the network’s decision. Although there are talks about the show being resurrected through a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu, it really shouldn’t have gotten to this point.

The cast and crew (starring Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, and more) were uncertain about their fate during this season. They’ve used different storylines, hilarious content and guest features to be renewed but apparently it wasn’t good enough.

*UPDATE: NBC steps up and picks up Brooklyn Nine-Nine!*

These type of decisions that are surprising for the public is not new, so here’s a list of top shows that were cancelled by FOX.

5. The Sinbad Show

the sinbad show

I didn’t watch this show when it first aired but I used to watch re-runs. The show honestly seemed ahead of it’s time. Sinbad is a bachelor taking care of two orphaned children. The show had real relatable scenarios and still promoted a nice family dynamic.

Original Run Date: 1993-1994

Number of Seasons: 1

Notable Cast: Salma Hayek, Sinbad, Ray J, T.K. Carter

Reason for Cancellation: The network mentioned that the series had low ratings. However, at the time there was controversy over the cancellation because it was one of many shows featuring predominately black casts that were cancelled.

4. The Bernie Mac Show

the bernie mac show

This was another series that featured a black cast, however I did watch this show when the series aired. Bernie Mac was one of the funniest comedians to ever live, and he had a lot of highlights. The series was loosely based on one of the four King of Comedy’s standup acts.

Original Run Date: 2001-2006

Number of Seasons: 5

Notable Cast: Bernie Mac, Kellita Smith

Reason for Cancellation: Apparently, the series was never really a big hit. No clear reasoning was provided. Also, Bernie Mac unfortunately passed away two years later.

3. Quintuplets

This Show was definitely ahead of its time. As you can guess by the name of the show what the premise is. It was filled with laughs and led by Andy Richer who’s probably most known for being by Conan O’Brien’s side at his late night talk show. Ryan Pinkston was also great on the show.

Original Run Date: 2004-2005

Number of Seasons: 1

Notable Cast: Andy Richter, Jake McDorman, Ryan Pinkston

Reason for Cancellation: Not Sure2. Student Bodies

student bodies.jpg

One of my favourite shows growing up was Student Bodies. Based on a high school newspaper publication the series featured different high school students with very different personalities. Cody (played by Jamie Elman) was the cartoonist and each episode started with a cartoon animation and was featured throughout. It was a fun comedic outlook in high school.

Original Run Date: 1997-2000

Number of Seasons: 3

Notable Cast: Nicole Lyn, Ross Hull

Reason for Cancellation: Although the series was shot in Montreal the show was made for Americans and Canadians. Unfortunately, the show didn’t have the same success in America than it did in Canada. The cast had a reunion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show at Fan Expo Canada in 2017. I was fortunate to be in the room, and Miklos Perlus mentioned that even though it was doing well in Canada, the number of episodes aired was enough to get syndication.

1. Firefly

I couldn’t do this list without mentioning this cult classic. I’m going to be completely honest with you all, I only watched Firefly last year on Netflix. It’s surreal to think it came out the time it did as it was way ahead of time. I recommend watching the short lived series and the feature film entitled Serenity that came out in 2005.

Original Run Date: 2002

Number of Seasons: 1

Notable Cast: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin

Reason for Cancellation: Like I said the series directed by Joss Whedon was ahead of it’s time. The series featured an interracial married couple (Walsh & Zoe) and Whedon was advised by Fox to break the couple up, but Joss refused because he envision them to be a married couple. Which in all honesty, I truly respect. In addition, this may have led to the Network’s delivery of the show as episodes were out of order, tough time slot and poor promos.

Was there any show I missed that got cancelled way too early? Let me know in the comments below!

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