Free Comic Book Day! Top 10 People in Comics I Met Part 1

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We often see comics present in movies and television but we often forget that the characters and stories are based off of comics written, drawn, inked and more by various talented people. Since today’s Free Comic Book Day I decided to give a shoutout to some of the amazing people behind the comics I truly love that also made them even more special and some of their work that you should check out.

1. Jeff Lemire

jeff lemire

Jeff Lemire is arguably one of my favourite comic book writers of all time. There’s quite a few on my list but it’s just something about his story telling that makes it awesome. For me, it’s always awesome to support a Canadian and he’s definitely put Canada on the map with his work on Justice League United/Canada. One of my favourite comics ever has to be Green Arrow Vol 4: The Kill Machine because thats the comic that really ignited my passion for collecting again.

2. Stan Lee

I can’t do this post without having a shoutout to the father of Marvel and you’re favourite cameo star, Stan Lee. I was hesitant to post this picture but hey, it was my first ever time at Fan Expo haha. Nevertheless, Stan Lee has worked tireless to create iconic characters and when I got the chance to get an autograph I asked him to sign a comic featuring him with his favourite superhero, Spider-Man.

3. Scott Snyder

scott snyder

The debate between Marvel & DC will always be present in regards to the films, and for some it’s a no brainer. However, when it comes to comics it’s definitely different and they’re both good in their own right. Personally, I love DC comics because of how deep they get into the character and the risks they take. Scott Snyder is someone DC really has to give credit to for writing groundbreaking comics like a Superman Unchained. I also enjoyed reading Dark Knights Metal and can’t wait to read his collaboration with Jeff Lemire for Image Comics, AD After Death.

4. Steve McNiven

steve mcniven

Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t… but you should. When talking to Steve McNiven he had the coolest stories to share from talking and making the artwork for Logan to being on set during the filming of Civil War where the actors were excited to meet him! I also appreciate and respect his pricing, if you want it personalized it’s free if not, you gotta pay. All three of these comics featured are iconic but if I had to pick the one I enjoyed the most, it had to be Guardians of the Galaxy.

5. Marco D’Alfonso

marco d'alfonso

Meeting Marco was one of the highlights of FanExpo. I was actually looking for the artist that was beside him to ask him if he can sign my comic but he just disappeared on me which was a buzzkill at first but I’m thankful he did because I wouldn’t have known about Marco’s work and how cool he was. We talked more than comics, we talked about the Toronto Raptors, hip-hop and more. Fun Fact: after I purchased the Carebears print he mentioned that Robert Downey Jr. actually shared this picture on his Facebook page.

6. Ramón Pérez


Ramon was another cool artist that I got to meet I loved his work with Jeff Lemire but his variant cover for Civil War 2 featuring Justin Trudeau was definitely something that caught my eye. Background of the video: My sister and I also bought some comics to be donated for young children and he was really happy to sign them.

7. Charles Seoule

Absolute pleasure talking to Charles Soule and love reading his comics especially Daredevil and the book I’m holding. What was cool about it was that this was before Lash was on Agents of Shield so he himself was really excited about it!

8. Jim Lee

Jim Lee has built a big name for himself as an artist in the world of comics, but probably most known for his work on Batman. It sucked that he was really late for his signing but still managed to get some classics signed.

9. Brian Azzarello

He’s known for his legendary work, but this series of Wonder Woman is one of my favourite by him.

10. Tony Moore

This was part of Marvel’s 42 reboot series a couple years ago and thought this cover will go down as one of the best for Deadpool. Tony was super nice and it was actually cool to see how people reacted for his work on Walking Dead.

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