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It’s always nice to spend time with your family, and nice to treat someone out to dinner. For Mother’s Day we decided to go to Gourmet Malaysia. It’s a restaurant that blends Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean dishes where we’ve gotten take out from, but we’ve never dined in. We enjoyed the food last time and my mother has since wanted to go and sit down to enjoy a couple of their dishes. So why not treat this woman I’m so grateful for and just do a little review while I’m at it?

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Vegetarian Singapore Fried Noodles

Everything pictured here taste great. And yes, it is Vegetarian. There’s a lot of flavour, and everything was well cooked. The only caution I give you is that some of the food might seem hard to fully digest which is why I do recommend drinking with a pop to keep everything in check. If I had to choose one dish as the best, there is no doubt it would be the Nanyo Veggie Chicken.


The Price range for the dishes averages from around $12-15. The rice and noodle items were priced towards the lower end while the curries and mains are priced at a higher amount. The can of Pop was $2.50 each. Keep in mind this is all before tax and tip. Therefore, it’s definitely a bit pricy. However, is it worth the price? I believe so.


Nonya Veggie Chicken

The service was a little confusing. The reason for why I said that is because you really do have call for someone when you’re done ordering because it’s not just one person working the table as it’s more of a collaborative effort. It’s not a bad thing at all, it’s just something I wish I knew prior to dining in. Well now you know.

Overall, based on both my takeout and dining experience the staff were helpful and polite which is always a priority for a dine-in experience.


It was fairly big, had a little section dedicated for take-out, a majority for dining and a stage for special events. It was mentioned that they offer banquet hall services for special events and on the receipt it mentioned karaoke? Well, hey good for them to utilize a significant amount of square feet to welcome different revenue streams.

Green Veggie Chicken Curry

Would I go again?

Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice

Of course! It is pricey so I wouldn’t be going often but definitely recommend this for a special event or if you’re just craving some quality food.


My only recommendations would be just to clarify from the beginning that any of the staff can assist with the ordering.

Also, for the meat and soup dishes it did have a better presentation. This was completely fine but it would be nice to see something similar.

Overall, it was a great experience the food was really good and the staff were friendly making it an overall enjoyable experience. Check out more from Gourmet Malaysia by clicking that link and let me know what you think!

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