Review: Air Jordan 32 Low “Free Throw Line / Dunk Contest”

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With the creation of the blog I thought it will also be beneficial to do reviews of the shoes I wear based on just everyday lifestyle (eg. Walking around, at the gym, etc.).

Today I decided to review in my opinion, one of the most underrated sneakers of 2018. The Air Jordan 32 is the latest numbered model from Jordan Brand releasing in high and low models. I personally like the models because they also have a lot of detail that really helps tell the story. Each 32 has its own theme and story that it tells, which makes this silhouette really intriguing.

As seen above you see five 10s behind the tongue. This is symbolic and represents Michael Jordan’s historic performance and results from the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. The iconic dunk from the free throw line is what really stole the show and awarded him the championship and this score from the judges.

The Fit

The Fit seems to be true to size (TTS). If you have the chance, try it in store to see if you want to go half size up. Do not go half size down! The reason why I say it seems to be true to size is because it does fit fine when you put it in but the firm heel does make it uncomfortable at times. I would recommend TTS, just because it fits fine when you wear them and lace it.

The Aesthetic & Technology

As mentioned there are a lot of details in this shoe which is why I consider it highly underrated. The sneaker features a clean black and white colour-block with red accents for the wings and jumpman logo, on the outsole as well as in the inside.

The black Flyknit and integrated laces provides a light weight upper and the innovative Flightspeed technology provides a good grip for working out and running.

Another important detail is the white elephant print/white cement detailing on the outside of the shoes.

The Comfort

I mentioned earlier when discussing the sizing that due to the mold and construction of the shoe you might want to go a half size up. I compared the comfort on two occasions: 1) after workout 2) after walking around for a full day in these kicks.

At first the sneakers feel like regular shoes, there is nothing to make it feel more or less comfortable. However, after the two hour mark I noticed that the heel starts to sore.

The Price

The price for the 32s start at $245 CAD and the lows usually start at $215 CAD. However, the particular model (regardless of colourway) seems not to move as quickly as other models. Therefore, you can expect to find certain iterations marked down in a couple of months. I waited for this model to go down (initially released in early February prior to the 2018 All Star Weekend) and bought it straight from Nike.Ca for $151.99. Only two sizes remain here. You can still manage to go to different stores to see if it’s marked down.


The 3:51 represents the time Jordan had left to complete the Dunk. The red line symbolizes where he launched from Free Throw Line, from the perspective of his foot

Cop or drop? Cop

Comfort? Low

Aesthetic? High

Price? Fair

Packaging? Fair

All in all, it’s a beautiful shoe and great for every day use (just don’t wear it consistently throughout the day). The newly introduced numbered Jordan’s do not get the proper reception it deserves, but trust me you will really like this silhouette, just pick the theme/story that works for you.

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