The Fit Break Down: From The Free Throw Line

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I knew I had to post a fit with these sneakers sometime last year for today’s date, since it is NBA All Star Saturday night!

However, I recently walked by this art work and it served as the inspiration to this outfit and concept. I’m at a stage in my life where I’m making decisions that has a significant impact on my personal wellbeing and professional growth. Someone told me recently, the only thing stopping me from achieving my full potential is myself. Therefore, sometime’s you just gotta jump!


I saw this artwork and I really liked the theme of individuals chasing, soaring and striving towards something regardless of what might be in their way.

This also reminded me of the sneakers I wanted to incorporate because I loved what Jordan Brand did by telling the story of Michael Jordan’s impressive dunk from the free throw line during the finals fo the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. The dunk seems nearly impossible and incredibly hard to do, but that’s why MJ changed the game. He pushed the game and standards forward. Including this iconic moment, which became a staple moment in NBA history and the storytelling of his brand. You can see the view of the dunk below.


Based on the title of this post it is evident that this entire outfit was worked around these sneakers as the whole them about taking that jump and reaching for your next accolade is centred around these sneakers. As soon as I got these shoes, I knew I had to do an outfit post to celebrate approximately 31 years of this iconic dunk on the date of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Personally, I think this is the best colourway of the Air Jordan 32 in my opinion. My favourite detail can be found on the outsole. You can see on one shoe they have the red line across, this symbolizes and resembles the free throw line and how it would look from the point of view of Jordan’s foot when he took off. The “3:51” represents the time that was left on the clock for Jordan to complete his final dunk. I did a review on these sneakers a while ago that includes even more details and information that can be found here.


For NBA All-Star weekend, I think there’s no better t-shirt I can wear than this one. I remember back in 2016, when Toronto hosted the All-Star game for the first time ever there was a big push to get Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan to the All-Star team to represent Canada’s team on home turf. They gave this shirt for free at this game because if I recall correctly, it was the last day to vote so it was an added push to get the votes in. Lowry eventually went on to start in the game (why I have that jersey and featured it in the Art Of North #TFBD) and DeRozan was a reserve.

This shirt has definitely been through a lot but still good enough for the fit aha.

Place of Purchase: Air Canada Centre, During a Toronto Raptors game

Price: FREE!


Outside of the shoes and tee to complete the fit, I felt this Lacoste bomber jacket would work perfectly. To be honest, I don’t regularly wear this jacket as often so I’m glad it worked with this fit. Main reason why I think so is because in relation to the flight theme, a bomber jacket is only fitting (pun intended). I also think that the silver colourway is not too distracting that it in fact compliments the rest of the fit, especially the black, red and white contrast.

Also, I remember eyeing this jacket back in 2013/2014 when it was around $250 but I waited for a bit till it finally went on clearance. It was the last size so why not!?

Place of Purchase: Ateaze

Price: I believe $100 CAD



The first of the familiar pieces are these pair of Sock it To Me socks. I did post on them right after finishing a year of #SockgameStrongSaturday which you can see here.

Place of Purchase: Toronto ComicCon (forgot the vendor)

Price: Although it’s originally priced at $14.99 each I managed to get a 2 for 1 deal.


If this hoodie looks familiar, it’s because this was the same hoodie I wore for the early screening/Toronto premiere of Fantastic Beasts! You can check out that outfit here.

Place of Purchase: Urban Planet Store

Price: $10


This is another outfit piece I wore before, but I never featured it on #TheFitBreakDown (it’s see n on my IG post featuring the Staple Tee and Jordan 17 x Trophy Room kicks). Nonetheless, $25 for a pair of moto jeans with a bit of distressing is a good deal. Something good to rock for a casual day without being too casual.

Place of Purchase: Urban Planet

Price: $25 CAD

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