Review: On A Bun Italian Sandwiches

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Yesterday I found myself in Burlington, Ontario. While I was there I found out about this sandwich shop near by. Felt it was a good opportunity to try out what they were offering and do a review, so see below!


The food tasted great. Even though each of the items I ordered were fairly different than each other, I was still able to appreciate the unique taste for each item as it didn’t overpower anything else. This is a good thing because your taste buds are going to work as you can be satisfied with the texture, spices, and more.

The eggplant parmesan was really filling and tasted great (especially if you order with a little spice and mushrooms). However, if I had to choose the best selection from yesterday, it had to be the Putino. I was nervous trying it because I never had it before but now I can see why it was a customer favourite.

Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich with a little spice and mushrooms.


As you can see the menu below, the price is affordable. This is surprising due to how good the food taste and how big the portion is. They also have a junior sandwich deal that caters to vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and of course your wallets!

The menu for both takeout/dining and catering.


Regardless if you have great tasting food, providing good customer service is a necessity. The service in this specific location is awesome, and the top standard all other fast-food restaurants should have!

Putino: Fries, Shredded Cheese and Tomato Sauce


The venue is well kept, clean and really nice on a summer’s day. The inside features a nice black and green colour scheme. You can also tell that there is a family and neighbourhood feel to it, which is always great to see.

Location: 2388 Fairview Street, Burlington, Ontario

Would I go Again?

Yes, of course! I am curious to check out their other locations as they have one in Toronto, two in Mississauga, and one in Oakville as well.

Medium spicy olives


To be completely honest, I really don’t have any strong recommendations. I believe the company, well the Burlington location, is doing extremely well. If you wanted to check out more about the franchise check their website here and let me know if you end up going!

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