With the weather getting better, it’s the best time to walk around the streets of downtown Toronto to do some shopping, site seeing and more. Whether you are visiting the city as a tourist or just looking for something fun to do, well let me share something with you that you may enjoy!The Kit Kat Chocolatory is now open for business! The favourable chocolate bar has it’s own activation set up in the heart of downtown Toronto for an experience you would not want to miss out on! If you’re on the fence or curious to know more about the activation before you make your way down there, read below for all the details to make sure you’re prepared!

This is how a customized packaging looks like for your own Kit Kat!

For a quick recap view, check out my video below and make sure you subscribe to the newly created YouTube channel!


As always with my customization, I want to tell a story or share an expression. I felt with the provided background this set of images really embodied Canada and the whole “Made in The 6ix” tagline option just worked perfectly.

Based on the receipt it looks like SDI Marketing was responsible for this activation. They did a wonderful job in terms of facilitating the crowd and showing the different options available.

Of course the highlight was the option to customize and personalize your own Kit Kat! As seen in the video above you can choose up to the three toppings from a large amount of options ranging from cookie crumbles, pistachios to even rose petals. The list was insane and prior to heading down there if you wanted to check if you may be allergic to something take a look below at the allergy sheet.

Check for each item to see if you are allergic to anything.

When you’re at the kiosk and finalizing your order you will enter your email and phone number to receive a text and email receipt of your order. You do have to pay up front (only debit and credit) for $15 plus tax!

Keep in mind that each bar is made right there from scratch and you do have the option to view it. However, by the time your order will complete it might take up to two hours or a bit more! Regardless, you can pick it up within 3 days.

The detail and information inside your custom packaging.

Not into the customization?

Well there’s still a cool activation set up for you to walk around and take pictures with. One being the ruby room, with neon displays and bright pink colour which features a narrow pathway to the ruby flavoured Kit Kat display.

Ruby Room. There are a lot of details in this, check out the video for the view.

In addition to this flavour, you can also purchase various other limited edition or newly released flavours. The prices range from $4.50-$7 for these options. Happen to grab a few, see below.

Just some non-customization pickups. Left to right: Cookie Crumble Kit Kats (great taste), Caramel Popcorn Almond (different, not too bad) and Hazelnut Crunt (not bad)

You can also take a look at how the Kit Kats are being made with a glass display. Please keep in mind that since this is a pop-up shop it will be busy and there may be a line-up. Therefore, there will be a certain amount of people allowed inside at a time so don’t be surprised to wait for a bit and if you’re waiting for your chocolate, then I suggest walking around the nearby stores.

What’s the Verdict?

The official shopping bag you receive after you made a purchase.

I definitely recommend you checking this place out! The staff were really friendly and the overall experience was really interesting! It’s a nice souvenir to keep and especially if you’re showing someone around the city it would be nice to check out! So in short get down there!

Location: 423 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

Open from: June 1st till June 28th, 2018- it’s not going to be here forever!

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11am – 8pm (orders usually close around 1 and 1/2 hours to 2 hours prior to closing). Sundays10am-6pm.

Price: Not expensive, not cheap.

This is the finished product. Yes, we got hungry and forgot to take a picture before eating. Above: Rice crisps, hazelnuts and roasted almonds on milk chocolate. Below: Pistachios, rice crisps and cookie crumbles on white chocolate.

Let me know if you end up going and what you think of it! Make sure you subscribe for more content on YouTube and on all social media including this blog!

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