The Fit Break Down: Kim’s Convenience

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Would you believe me if I said I wanted to do this post for a few years now? Well even if you didn’t I finally got to do it recently as you can see in the video above (don’t forget to subscribe). When it came to the show it hit close to home and reminded me of the convenience store near me when I was really young in the 90s which is the main inspiration for this look.


I love good colour-blocking and this is a fun long-sleeve rugby style polo that screams 90s aesthetic. Although it is not the exact same hue as the logo’s colours, it still goes with the green and red found on the logo. This is a size Large, and when I initially bought it, felt more loose. Nonetheless, it is still comfortable and I would recommend if you are seeing a similar polo on Urban Outfitters wait for it to go on sale to get at a price like this.

Price: $19 CAD Place of Purchase: Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available as I got this a while ago but you can find higher end polos at SSENSE or vintage polos for an authentic 90s vibe on Etsy.

Stacy Adams Canada


The shirt had to go with these kicks. The name of these Nike SB Air Force 2 is actually called the Rugby! The reason for that is because it is inspired by the Snowbeach collection from Ralph Lauren that was famously worn by the chef, Raekwon (who also wore different types of polos as well). These are one of my underrated sneakers that not a lot of people would appreciate. I love the gum bottom and the clean upper that features a fun but lowkey colour-blocking. At the time of purchase it wasn’t available in Canada but after I bought it I came across a cool skate shop that actually sold it on sale for around the same price. I got it from StockX because for the pics I felt that the tag looks nice with the polo and 90s style but also because it was much under retail price. However, now it looks like it is much higher now as I write this, it shows the price a bit higher now.

Price: $70 CAD Place of Purchase: StockX but a similar colour can be found here.


Nothing like the 90s without some denim, especially with a nice wash which this pair of Levi’s is perfect for. These 514s are super comfortable and great for everyday use. It is hard to come across these jeans for the price, but definitely recommend it!

Price: $29 CAD Place of Purchase: Costco (in-store) but you can also grab it from Amazon here.


Although you can’t see it, I wanted to wear these fun stance socks because of the “BRRR” reminds me of what is often seen on the ice bags which are sold in the convenience store, specifically the freezer where in the show, quite a few hilarious scenes take place.

Price: I believe it was $10 CAD or 2 for 1 Place of Purchase: Solestop but you can shop stance socks on Amazon and NBA themed ones at the NBA Store.

The Bag

The bag is not something I intended on having part of the fit but I am glad I did. Great memento and something I will use going forward. If you want to know more about this bag and other cool stuff, at Kim’s Convenience, check out the blog post that discusses that here.

Price: Free but regular price I believe $10 CAD or under Place of Purchase: The Real Kim’s Convenience

Well that’s The Fit Break Down, but probably won’t be the last content about Kim’s Convenience! Let me know your thoughts, and if you end up grabbing any of these items. By the way if you were curious about the K95 mask, I got that from Costco as well as part of a bigger pack but you can grab a similar style on Amazon. Follow the blog and on social media on Instagram and Facebook!

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