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If you haven’t been following on Instagram or TikTok, you might have noticed that I recently went to LA. In this trip I explored a lot of different places in LA County, including food spots I have always wanted to try. The iconic Randy’s Donuts is no exception. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish all the donuts I bought, but I did try some so I will talk about that pricing, what you can expect and more in this blog post along with some pictures. Stay tuned to the blog and on social media (Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook) for more LA Content! See below for a preview.

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Randy’s Donuts is without a doubt one of the most iconic locations in LA. It is probably the most known donut shop in the world thanks to it’s massive donut on the roof of their locations, which has made a cameo in numerous television episodes and movies since their inception in 1952. For me, anytime I think of Randy’s donuts I think of that scene in Iron Man 2 where RDJ is casually chilling inside the massive donut.

Image source: Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki
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I believe they have over 10 locations (including ones in Saudia Arabia and South Korea), but the one I went to is their initial and flagship location, the one in Inglewood. The exact address is 805 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, California, USA. There is several parking spots available for you to drive in, take pictures and of course buy some donuts!

How to Order

So there is no dining in location for Inglewood, you just step to the front where you can place your order and return to your car to enjoy or just take away. I believe this location is 24 hours as well!


Personally, I think the pricing is pretty decent based on the quality and details of the donuts being offered, especially because there are different tiers. You have the classics priced at $1.40 each (eg. chocolate raised, sprinkles iced cake, cinnamon crumb cake, etc.), the deluxe priced at $1.55 each (eg. maple long john, blueberry iced cake, vanilla iced cruel, etc.), and the premium priced at $2 each (eg. Chocolate Crondy, Bear Claw, Cinammon Roll, etc.) and fancy at $3.15 each (eg. matcha, red velvet, froot loops, etc.). If you’re like me and curious to try more than one, you can get a box of dozens. Each teir has it’s own price cheapest being basics at $14.80 while premium costs the most at $35.80. However, I really wanted to try a bit of everything from each tier which is why I went with the mix #4 option which included 4 from each tier (see image below to see what I tried) and for $22.30 it’s a pretty good deal!

They also offer beverages (hot and cold) includes espressos, frappes, iced coffee, cold brew, premium coffee and more ranging from $2.95 to $4 for the large size. I knew I was going to eat a proper lunch right after this so I didn’t try the beverages but I do regret not doing so.

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As mentioned, unfortunately during this trip I wasn’t able to try and finish all of them. Therefore, I recommend this if you are travelling with more than just 2 people or bringing this to a party! Nonetheless, from what I did try (confetti, froot loops, bear claw, matcha, and chocolate raised) I found that the donut is a bit soft and flavours are pretty much as how you would anticipated them. For example, the confetti donut is essential a plain donut but with the icing and decor from a traditional birthday cake, and that’s not bad at all. I did find the Matcha a little sweet, and froot loops exactly how I would expect it to be, and same with the chocolate iced cake. My favourite from what I ate was probably the Bear Paw because i never had anything like that before and love the apples inside. Trust me, it taste great and even better when it’s warmed up!


All in all, if I am in LA again, I would like to go back here especially for the bearclaw and to try the beverages as well as the crondy! I think it is worth the trip and it wasn’t that much of a wait to get your order ready. Despite some of the donuts being as expected, for the price it is worth it in my opinion. I am really curious to know what others think so let me know in the comments of this blog post or the related social media posts. Give a follow on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook as well as staying tuned to the blog for more content from this LA trip!

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