REVIEW: In-N-Out Burger Vegetarian Options

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I’m sure you’ve heard of this place before, it’s a fast food place that I always see people posting whenever they are in LA. Fortunately for me, as soon as I landed in LA it was the first thing I ate! I also went two more times on my trip, because of one specific item and also because it is one of the few places in LA that is actually open past 10pm. Nonetheless, I’ve tried several items (all that is currently available for vegetarians) so read below for the detailed blog post and see below for a preview. Stay tuned to the blog and on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more LA Content!

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In-N-Out has been a California fast food staple for some time now, especially since they first opened in 1948. It was also pretty innovative as they were California’s first drive-thru hamburger stand and also introduced the two way speaker box! There’s more you can learn about on their website, but it is pretty cool to see how they have expanded into different revenue streams including different locations and merchandise while still having an old school feel to it.


As mentioned, there are different locations. I went to 3 different In-N-Out locations in LA County but the one you see in the video is at 9149 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, California, USA. There is some parking available but for the most part since it is near LAX there is a lot of traffic. The drive-thru looked really busy and we had to wait a few minutes outside before the security guard let us inside, plus you need to scout out for seats inside to dine in but there are a lot of options, inside and outside. Of course, keep in mind this day was Black Friday but also like us, fellow BTS Army just landed for the concerts so hopefully when you go it won’t be as busy but like I mentioned, it was probably a 5 minute maximum of a wait if anything.


Animal Style Fries

Before we get into pricing, let’s talk about what I tried and how they tasted, in my opinion. So unfortunately, there is no vegetarian burger, however what you can get is a veggie sandwich (burger minus the patty) or a grilled cheese “animal style”. Animal style is a very popular thing that In-N-Out is known for (not really a secret menu item anymore), and what people often get with their burgers are the animal style fries, so I had to try it! For drinks, I tried their strawberry lemonade and a milkshake, Neapolitan style.

Veggie Sandwich

The veggie sandwich was a little plain if I’m being completely honest but still pretty good. The reason why is because the onion is crispy, bun has a good texture, but only downfall is that I wish it had more sauce. The grilled cheese is simple but really good. The animal style spread reminds me of a thousand island dressing a bit and what many love about In-N-Out, which you can also ask for free packets of the spread! The other times I have gone to In-N-Out I always get the grilled cheese animal style because it does not disappoint, and always satisfies! It does remind me of a big mac no meat. In terms of the fries, fair warning they do go cold pretty quick which is why the animal style fries were decent and good to have if you are really hungry or to try for yourself it is worth it. The drinks weren’t bad either. The strawberry lemonade (which I initially thought was theirs but might just be minute maid flavour?) had a strong flavour and a bit sour. For the shake, I mentioned I got Neapolitan style and that is because they only have 3 flavours (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry) but they mentioned they can layer the flavours together and when you drink it, it is a bit thick but you definitely taste all three flavours at once! Once item I was curious about that I didn’t try due to timing was the hot cocoa. I did meet and talk to two fellow BTS army after the first night concert and I remember her saying it tasted okay, but nothing too special.

Grilled Cheese Animal Style
$45 First Package + Free Mystery Item - 728x90


So before you start to wonder why I tried so many things at once and why I went back two more times for something that is not so extraordinary is also because of the amazing price point. What you see in the pic of all the items from the first time trying In-N-Out came up to $15 USD after tax! It was without a doubt one of or if not the most affordable meals from the LA trip. The veggie sandwich is $2.10, Grilled Cheese Animal Style is $2.80, Animal Fries $4.20, lemonade/soft drink $1.90 and the shake was $2.70!


Drinks in Holiday themed cups. Bigger one I believe was the soft drink and smaller was the shake.

Therefore, clearly you can see for the price and the taste it is definitely worth it! My personal recommendation is the grilled cheese animal style and the Neapolitan milk shake for vegetarians but definitely try all these items for yourself. Next time I go, I might just ask for the veggie sandwich and ask for the animal style sauce on the side or on it if possible. In my opinion, animal style fries are best when you are really hungry and will eat quickly. I would love to see if they can introduce a veggie patty soon but I feel that would be highly unlikely. If you’ve been here and tried these items let me know what you think in the comments of this blog post or the related social media posts. I will appreciate it if you give a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook as well as staying tuned to the blog for more content from this LA trip!

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