INSIDE: Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit -Toronto, Ontario

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With Toronto being in Stage 2, it was awesome to finally experience this exhibit! See the above video (feel free to like, subscribe, and share) for a look inside from the perspective of the walkthrough and the drive-in, then read below to find out how you can experience this incredible pop-up experience!

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For the walkthrough and gift shop, it is at 1 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M5E 1W7. 

For those doing the drive-in, you would enter via Freeland street. It was near 33 Freeland street, and there would be some signs to help as well.

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Tickets and Availability 

I got my tickets back in February and since COVID happened, there were a lot of delays and changes. We actually had tickets for the walkthrough for May but then it got rescheduled, and then they offered the drive-in for free so we ended up experiencing both. However, it is based on certain timings so you must have a ticket that states your designated time slot. Check out the calendar and see how many tickets are left for the day (some days are selling out) so you can start planning your trip! The tickets we got were called anytime/comfort, and we also got a $5 voucher that we can use on food or at the gift shop, along with a free Van Gogh mask.

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Duration and Experience 


It’s best you arrive a little before your scheduled time, especially for the drive-in as they are pretty strict when it comes to that. The show goes for about 45 minutes and goes on a loop so if you did miss a part of the beginning you can wait a bit for it to start again. The artwork is displayed throughout and you are free to walk around to get different angles while staying put in your social distance circle. I really enjoyed the music as well, I think it was a good mix and enhanced the visuals. With the drive-in, you must stay in your assigned spot and your car engine must be off but you can hear the audio via the radio. I personally prefer the walkthrough experience more.




After the walkthrough experience, you can go to the gift shop, and if you have time you can also go to the masterpiece studio where you can paint one of Van Gogh’s masterpieces onto a shirt. They also had few snack options, including a Happy Pops booth. Another cool thing was the Van Gogh Yourself activation that you saw in the video. My pictures maybe didn’t turn out that great…

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Recommendation and Overall 

All in all, I thought it was great. Especially with everything going on I liked that they were following all safety protocols, were super nice and accommodating. I think the only recommendation I have is that maybe for the drive-in experience to have more signs from the main location to the loading dock. If you are comfortable with this location, I strongly suggest this as it is a good experience for all ages!

Let me know what you think, and make sure you subscribe to the blog and the YouTube channel!

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