The Fit Break Down: Immersive Van Gogh

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In case you haven’t seen my blog post on the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit, make sure you read it here. If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it below, where you can like, subscribe, and follow!

As you can see by the images and video, I went with a unique choice for my outfit but it still all works out and felt it was right to do a fit break down to explain it!

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The first piece of this outfit is the socks. At first glance, you might think these have no relation to Van Gogh but if you did watch Spiderman: Far From Home, you would’ve remembered Peter Parker was stuck in the Netherlands jail. The connection? Well, Van Gogh was a Dutch painter and whether or not he was in his stealth suit, he did go through different graphics, images, that came to life kind of like the purpose of this exhibit.

Place of Purchase: EB Games

Price: 2 for $15 CAD

Suzy Shier [EN] - 15SHOPSZY - 728x90


Since Van Gogh’s artwork has been celebrated for some time I wanted to go with a sneaker that I haven’t displayed on IG yet but still something that has been in my collection for some time but still bright enough to shine through the dimmed lights. Therefore, I had the perfect sneaker. These Android Homme sneakers have been in my collection for at least 7 years and are definitely an eye-catcher. More on the luxurious side, but perfect if you wanted to have something unique that most sneaker collectors won’t have.

Place of Purchase: Jack Threads

Price: $170 USD + Tax


I wanted some ounce of colour but I felt that I didn’t want to wear a graphic tee that would take away from the artwork if I was going to take any pics. Therefore, I went with this hoodie/t-shirt thing that is light enough in terms of colour and weight, which makes it ideal for the summer.

Place of Purchase: Bluenotes

Price: $10 CAD

Mechanical Coding Robot


The final piece had to be a comfortable pair of shorts that went with everything. These black checked shorts was a nice touch to match the socks while complementing the sneakers and top.

Place of Purchase: Costco

Price: $20 CAD

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