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As you may know, I am a fan of pop culture (movies and films), including Stranger Things, which is why when I heard this exhibit was coming out I had to check it out! This exhibit is presented by Netflix and Fever (who did the BTS Proof Pop-Up in LA). I also wanted to share this now since the exhibit will be closing soon, so read my post below so you know what to expect if you plan on going and maybe what you may have missed out on. Before you read below, feel free to check out and follow on social media by giving a follow on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook! See below for a visual POV/teaser!

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The tickets can be purchased from and there were several options for when I went in May such as single, youth, and group bundle tickets. However, the two tiers were between standard and VIP, and even when I went to get tickets I saw that most of the standard was sold out hence why I bought VIP. The VIP tickets are nearly double the price but I would say it is worth it since you get priority access, roam freely in the Mix-Tape area (this might be free now to the public), an exclusive VIP bag filled with goodies and collectibles, a FREE signature cocktail or regular-size drink of your choice and a special lanyard. In terms of value, it comes up to be more than the standard ticket. See at the bottom of this post for discount codes you can try to lower the price!


The experience can be found at Cinespace Marine Terminal Studio, 8 Unwin Ave, Toronto, ON M5A 3L1. This is a massive soundstage (which also can explain certain restrictions and warnings) and not sure if it is part of Netflix Canada. You can prepay parking (highly recommend) when getting your tickets. In my opinion, it’s not that easy to get there by car or public transport but it’s manageable and nearby other known places like Cherry Beach and Cabana Pool Bar. The prepay option on the exhibit lot is $15 and external parking a bit further out is around $20. There was a Lyft/Uber pickup section too.


The entire duration of the immersive experience (Hawkins Sleep Study) was around one hour. I loved how much detail there was throughout this exhibit from the props, to the fake advertisements, and even the way the staff (cast) carried themselves. There are no photos or videos allowed once you enter the main doors of the exhibit but after you can. I didn’t think the experience was long or scary, and found the actors that were hired to play characters from the show along with the videos of the actual cast worked great. Also, I think this is a suitable experience for all ages. You get to navigate this escape room-type experience to help the beloved Stranger Things kids and are divided into three teams in your group. Note: To pick up your VIP stuff they do advise you to pick it up when you leave the property. See below for other cool things you can do after the immersive experience, aka the Mix-tape!

Photo Opportunities

A lot of cool photo opportunities to do including getting a picture with Vecna. There is a lign that forms for this but it goes by quickly and it is the first thing you might do when you exit the immersive part. Another popular spot that will also have a line up is the Byers’ living room with the iconic lights in the background. They recreated it perfectly and in this specific location there is also merch on display which you can pay for when you leave. I really liked the big Stranger Things logo near the exit and found the Hawkins yearbook photo op very low-key.

Scoops Ahoy

I couldn’t leave this exhibit without trying Scoops Ahoy! This was presented by Chips Ahoy and had some interesting options and flavours such as the blue raspberry sorbet. We got one scoop of cookies’n’cream (which is topped with sprinkles and a chips ahoy cookie) and a waffle sandwich with I believe french vanilla and blue raspberry sorbet. The ice cream was decent but the waffles were a little stale. Nonetheless, I did like it and loved trying an official Scoops Ahoy ice cream even if it was marked up a bit.

Surfer Boy Pizza

Another fan favorite food establishment from the series is Surfer Boy Pizza. This was also marked up but I found it really tasty. As a vegetarian, we got the 3 cheese pizza pie and although $25 is a lot, after one slice I already felt full and took the rest home to enjoy later. The pizza was not spectacular or anything like that but had a nice comforting taste to it and pleasantly satisfied my hunger. I also feel that you are saving more money by buying the entire pie instead of a slice. Note: there was a twenty minute wait for the pizza to be prepared so I would suggest you check out other things in the mix-tape area or try to find a spot inside to eat.

The Upside Bar

This was cool spot in this space as this bar had a nice nostalgic decor with some interesting options. As someone who is straight-edge, I was happy to know they offer interesting mocktails as well. The drinks are named after things from the show and the even have a special Eleven mocktail. We tried the Starcourt Special and the Mall Rat. Both drinks were good but I found the Mall Rat had a unique kick and flavor it to it which some people might not be a fan of. If you want to upsize your drink its only $2. I recommend this because not only do you get a bigger size but you also get a souvenir cup. Note: you are not allowed to leave with your drinks so you need to either finish it or dump it before leaving the premise.

Interactive Areas

Around the bar you will see a lot of 80s nostalgia (also why I wore my special Nike 80s red acid wash sneakers). Here you will get to play a special pinball game and arcade game. There is also a payphone where there are voices that can be heard every so often. Near the exit there is also a photobooth where you can select among different backgrounds.

Mixtape Rift Trivia

Speaking of interactive, something I saw near the end of the exhibit was a a QR code within a banner. I scanned it and it takes you to a site where Max (from the show) asks you a trivia question and prompts you to look for other rifts within the exhibit. I wish I knew about this earlier but I would recommend doing this when you first enter the exhibit and it would be nice to be directed to one so you know what to look out for.


I could not do this review without mentioning merchandise. There were a lot of things available here and for the most part it was a bit pricey but you expect it from a special exhibit like this. I would say that most of the items looked good and there were some exclusives for Toronto. I didn’t end up getting anything but I know some people who did and they don’t regret it. You can zoom in to see some of the prices.


All in all, I had a great time at this exhibit and I would say it is worth it, especially if you have a discount since it makes it more affordable. iI love the setup and the attention to detail all across the space from the immersive component to the mix-tape area there are some many little things that help elevate the experience (as seen above). Fever did not disappoint with this. You can use code “GOODBYE20” for 20% off or try “COMEBACK30” for 30% off! Let me know your thoughts if you have gone or planning. to go in the comments below on social media by following on InstagramFacebook and TikTok!

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