Hey Everyone! As you may know from my prior posts or if you follow me on social media you would know I am a proud member of the BTS Army. Therefore, ahead of their ten-year anniversary, I felt it was only right to finally post my recap of the Proof pop-up I was fortunate enough to check out in LA! In this blog post, you will see some pictures from what was inside the pop-up including photo opportunities, merchandise, and more. Before you continue to read below, please consider supporting the blog by following on social media on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook (especially if you’re BTS Army)!

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About and Location

The exterior of the BTS Proof Pop-Up LA to show how the physical location looked

As mentioned before, this pop-up was to help promote the upcoming (at the time) anthology album from BTS and was open for a few dates starting June 10, 2022 (album release date). The pop-up was run by Fever which is known to do various immersive exhibits (one that I will be reviewing on the blog very soon) and was in charge of creating an immersive retail experience that fans and others could enjoy. To get tickets, you signed up through Fever’s website but walk-ins were also welcomed as general admission was free. It wasn’t too busy when I went and I found it was easy to navigate around. The pop-up was located at 700 N Fairfax Ave, with several parking options within walking distance. This was a six-minute walk from Sweet Chick LA and the iconic “mecca of streetwear” which are essentially the strip of notable streetwear brands (which BTS have visited in the past).


Photo Opportunities and Activations

The displays and activations inside BTS Proof LA Pop-Up including the Proof displays, music video being played on monitors some merch and cds on displays as well as the BTS note wall and notes on the floor.

When you walk in you would have immediately seen BTS music videos playing on various screens and as you navigate through the area listening to their songs, you will notice some cool sculptures/displays of the Proof font and logo that you would see on the album cover and merchandise. The album release date was also on the ground to give a nice effect. The place was dark lit and sometimes the photos didn’t come out that great because of the way the lighting was, although it did have a cool effect on the displays. You would also see random BTS merchandise and CDs on displays as well. However, a nice touch for this free exhibit was that you were able to write a thank you note for BTS and BTS army and stick it onto a BTS wall. Therefore, there were several photo opportunities if you’d like.


BTS Proof Pop-Up LA merchandise display at checkout and close up on product availability. The merchandise also displayed on mannequins.

The last part of this pop-up was the retail experience and like most retail pop-ups it looked like it Shopify was also part of this. In terms of the merchandise, they were limited and exclusive to the shop. The designs were okay but they were pricey. The T-shirts were $55 and the hoodies were $125. I did end up getting a hoodie and wore it when I checked out the BTS Pop-Up: Space of BTS in Toronto which you can see if you wanted a better idea of how it looked. I liked the vintage wash and the BTS branding/designs screen printed on and the quality was decent, but it was definitely marked up.


All in all, it was cool to check out. I think there could have been a better immersive component to it even when it comes to the photo ops, maybe something similar to the BTS Purple Galaxy Floor in Harajuku, Tokyo. At the end of the day, it was a free admission so that was great and it was nice to write notes because BTS has made an impact that goes beyond music and deserve all the incredible achievements they have earned so far and will in the future! I do wish the merchandise options were a bit more premium or at least not as marked up but hopefully if they do any future pop-ups they will incorporate that. If you have gone, I am curious to know what you think and if you haven’t but wish you did, I am curious if you still did or not after reading this blog post. Let me know your thoughts and please give a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook (especially if you’re BTS Army)!

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