Concept Collaboration: Nike Basketball x DC’s Titans

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I don’t know about you but I really like the show Titans as I love the stories , the cast, and that they shoot in Toronto! I also love sneakers and I truly feel that DC Comics doesn’t really have any good sneaker collaborations.

Therefore, I thought it would be cool to practice photoshop some more and conceptualize a collaboration between them and nike basketball for a collaboration capsule I will definitely buy!

Whether they’re fan fav characters from Teen Titans or not, each character has a good backstory and I feel that it would be cool to feature 3 classic and 3 new nike basketball sneakers to represent each character! Once again, these are just mock ups but see below to see what I came up with!


They say if Michael Jordan is Batman, then Scottie Pippen is Robin. But Scottie is one of the best to play the game, and like Dick Grayson he’s (in my opinion) the best robin! Therefore, I made a lot of edits to create this colour way that paid homage to his colour scheme and tactical style. 


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I wanted something explosive to represent her powers and radiation but also her costume. If you haven’t seen Penny Hardaway highlights, you would know why his explosiveness matches Starfire’s power and style, which is why the foamposite would be the perfect choice! 

Beast Boy

The uptempo is another beloved classic sneaker from the 90s, especially for its fun “AIR” design on the upper. I  thought it would be cool if each letter can be of different faux material in green to represent 3 of many animals he can transform into! I choose tiger, gorilla, and elephant because the look and texture would be really cool, fun, and powerful, just like him!


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The Kyrie 6 strap definitely has Air Yeezy vibes but definitely gives me a cool, armoured feather vibe as well. Like Kyrie Irving, Hawk is not afraid to speak his mind and address the situation at hand, plus this sneaker fits perfectly with his suit to a tee, from the black eyes to the red and grey colour-blocking with a touch of burgundy.


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Speaking of beautiful armoured type feathers, something I really liked the strap on the KD7 “Aunt Pearl” which is why I felt it would be cool to have that on the KD 13 somehow (since it looks like the dove wings on her costume) with Dove’s signature colours with a tactical Also, both Kevin Durant and her get underestimated based on their appearance and do what they can to honour their family. 


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Known as the freak for his unbelievable set of powers and capabilities, she is just like Giannis Antetokounmpo as they continue to be dominant while they learn more about themselves so his signature shoe dressed in her classic colours with a hint of red as a nod to her crystal. 

Would you cop? Let me know what you think of these designs, they are amateur but I had fun creating them! If you like them, please feel free to like, share, and follow!

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