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Make sure you check out the video above as well and feel free to like, share, and subscribe to the channel! Yes, you read the title of this blog post correctly, I did save nearly $500 CAD on these beautiful designer sneakers. So let’s get right into it!

Price and Place of Purchase

Price: $279 CAD, original retail: $735 CAD

Place of Purchase: SSENSE

Yes, the only way I could have gotten this amazing deal was through SSENSE. Although their sale is completed now they are known to offer great selection of products all year round with a few great sales. Like I mentioned in the video, I did promote this sale and this specific sneaker in post a few months ago. That’s why I highly suggest following chiplifestyle’s instagram page and the blog!

Aesthetic and Design

What really drew me into this sneaker was the design of it. I am not a big fan of Prada sneakers, not just because of the price but because I feel the design really lacks. However, I love the perfectly balanced green and black colour-blocking on this sneaker. Throughout the shoe I love the intricate stitching done as it gives a nice futuristic feel to it.

In addition to the green and black futuristic design pattern, I like the subtle PRADA branding, from the sockliner to the tag sticking out to even on the outsole. There are several different materials being used with knit on the upper, with a bit of leather and predominantly rubber on the outsole.

$45 First Package + Free Mystery Item - 728x90

I also loved the packaging for this sneaker. The silver box with soothing texture and the signature Prada stamp was great but my favourite detail is the tag that sticks out for the sneaker description (as seen in the video).

Suzy Shier [EN]  - 15SHOPSZY - 728x90

Size and Comfort

I definitely recommend going true to size, I don’t see how it would be comfortable any other way. Keep in mind these are in Euro sizing, so my true to size is 11 US mens, so I went with a UK10. These shoes are also pretty comfortable and the outsole has a great traction.

Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry


Cop or drop? Cop, especially for this price or if you can afford regular pricing on designer sneakers!

Comfort? Go true to size!

Aesthetic? I love it, I was searching for a clean green and black sneaker and I finally found one that has the perfect balance.

Price? Retail: Pricy. Sale price unbelievable, once again visit SSENSE or message to learn more about upcoming sales!

Packaging? Really nice. Great texture, colour and design, and the hanging 3D Tag is a great unique touch!

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