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As I get older, I often feel like I’m haunted by regrets. Not necessarily by the choices I made but more so the actions and opportunities I didn’t take. I’ve been feeling a lot of that lately, “what if I actually went through with this”, “what if I wasn’t scared and just went for it”, and a whole lot of specific “what if” questions. Frankly, the main reason why I didn’t is because I stayed in my comfort zone.

Of course, I have stretched myself out of the comfort zone in the past but it has been in little strides, and frankly, it has lead to amazing things. It has allowed me to open new doors, meet new people, and add a few achievements here and there. However, I also know that there were certain times where I always wanted to pursue something but I never did because I was too scared of putting myself out there. It happens with dream jobs and relationships, but you never really know until you actually try.

This applies to marketing and my work. Two years ago I remember when TikTok was building a wave, I remember hearing about this app before but I thought it would just fade out like it did before. Low and behold, I was wrong and it has become an integral part of social media marketing for various different companies. The easy cop out is to have someone else do it, but what do you get out of that?

I learned in my prior experiences that running away from something because it’s hard or because it’s not common doesn’t solve the problem, it just becomes prolonged. Whether it be using Canva or Photoshop, or even doing YouTube videos. I am far from ever considering myself a professional but I learned to be comfortable with something that once made so uncomfortable. It resulted with accomplishing things I never thought it would be possible.

That’s why I am challenging myself to make TikToks daily for as long as I can (at least one week consecutively) to express my creativity and force myself to be more comfortable with things I don’t know anything about so I can get more skills, connect with more people, and be more comfortable within my own skin. I have also signed up for classes that I never thought I would actually go through with because I want to be okay with not knowing everything so I can actually learn and apply these skills and lessons to improve myself and my happiness.

I’ve definitely been more scared and confused than before but I also have also felt reassurance. The main reason why I am writing this blog post is to express myself while also hoping that it helps others to go after what they want sooner than later. Regardless of what others say, at the end it’s in your hands whether or not you want to stretch ourself. I hope if you read this you take this as a sign to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone so you can discover more about yourself and what you can achieve with your full potential! Feel free to let me know if you do on the comments of this blog post or on Instagram and Facebook.


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