The Fit Break Down: Comfort, but Ready for the Uncomfortable

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It’s weird to wear an outfit for your birthday that includes sweats but trust me it has a deeper meaning. As stated in my prior post about stretching out of your comfort zone, it’s good to be comfortable but you also need to be able to put yourself out there in situations when it is uncomfortable. That’s why each piece of this outfit is from brands and people who have put themselves out there and have made a name for themselves even though it wasn’t always easy. What might look like not much based on the garments actually has a deeper meaning, so dive in below!

Note: This blog post uses affiliate links and banners.


I won’t go into so much detail about this because I will be doing a special video and blog post on these special KITH RC-1300 sneakers. However, the reason why I wanted to break out these kicks today is because Ronnie Fieg is my favourite designer and KITH is arguably my favourite brand. I love how this sneaker stands out more than just the silhouette the distinct colour blocking and special branding makes it unique compared to other earth tone sneakers. This sneaker (in the antler/dusty mauvee colourway)is part of the “Master your craft” series that had an awesome campaign video featuring different creatives in various industries who have established a name for themselves. Of course they had to feel uncomfortable at one point and I feel that is also Fieg as he continues to evolve the brand.

Price: $215 CAD Place of Purchase: KITH online. Unfortunately these have sold out but if you like the silhouette, you can shop a grey colourway here.


This is another item I won’t get into too much detail because I will be doing a special blog post and video on this, but you probably have seen this brand on so many celebrities and just think it’s a hype brand. However, it’s more than that. The Essentials line is a more affordable line of Jerry Lorenzo’s high-end designer streetwear brand, Fear of God. Why this is important to wear is because I like that Jerry Lorenzo does not hide his faith and is honest about battling his demons. He uses that to create a sought after brand, implying you can have your morals and beliefs but still do what you want to do and be comfortable doing that. That inspires me a lot whether it be for growing the brand or even a career in marketing. Plus I have to say that these essentials items I have are all great quality, especially the fleece items (sweats and sweatshorts).

Price: $155 CAD (it’s worth it) Place of Purchase: As mentioned a couple of times on Instagram, the best place for Canadians to get FOG Essentials or anyone really, is through SSENSE. Unfortunately, the sweatpants is really hard to get and I was surprised I was able to get a pair as they usually sell out instantly but constantly check for restocks and new drops. You can shop the entire Essentials line here.


The socks are important because this past year I found myself being a huge fan of BTS. I started liking some of their music when they made their American TV debut but recently I started to learn more about what they stand for and their global impact that is much more significant than music. BTS has done a lot to give back those in need and within their music they have messages to do good in the world, love yourself, and others. This is one of the reasons why John Cena loves them and why they were invited to speak at the United Nations. Plus, whenever they do something amazing their fans, BTS Army, usually does something amazing as well! I would love to have that kind of positive influence and although you may just think they are massive now, you should know BTS wasn’t always loved and almost disbanded before they finally blew up!

Price: This was a gift from my sister so I am not too sure. Place of Purchase: The Weverse app, where you can get exclusive merchandise and access to connect with fans!


Last but not least, the t-shirt also ties into my aspirations. POLO has always been one of those brands in hip-hop and even something I noticed in my community where the brands represents something bigger. Not necessarily exclusive but somewhat aspirational. Ralph Lauren never played POLO before starting the brand but he saw that sport to represent something a bit more elite. However, I don’t think he really cared about that much. He liked the name and he wasn’t happy with what was available for men’s fashion at the time so he created his own line and designed clothes he would wear! Him also being a son of immigrants, it’s awesome to see what he turned this brand to be and it definitely has an impact on so many countries worldwide. This is actually one of my most comfortable t-shirts, worth every penny! Oh and I absolutely love the POLO bear series!

Price: $59.50 Place of Purchase: Also from SSENSE, and they do go on sale (how I got it)! Shop the POLO section here.

Yeah so this is definitely not your typical birthday outfit, but hey being typical is not always my forte. I know it’s just clothes but with other The Fit Break Down, I always want to have a deeper meaning or at least invite others to know more about my thought process when putting a fit together, casual or not. Let me know what you think and give a follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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