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As I slowly get accustomed back to regular life, I look back at the photos and videos taken in my recent vacation so I can create and post content that you may enjoy! One of the coolest and most memorable places I went to during my trip was the Kipu Ranch Adventures! For more information and pictures (NOT EDITED) please scroll below, but if you wanted to first take a look inside visually then please click the video below!

If you watched the video (and subscribed) you might have wanted to know more about the attraction itself in case you wanted to go there. Please see below for a quick recap and info!



This trail is located on the island of Kaua’i in the city of Lihue (235 Kipu Road is the exact address).



The price was not too expensive, but it may seem costly. It came out to approximately $100 per person.


The actual rope from Indiana Jones can be found in their office.

ATV Experience


I’ve never driven an ATV before and just looking at the pics of the trail prior, I didn’t want to take my chances. Therefore, we were able to get one of the tour guides to drive the ATV. However, if you wanted to, you can definitely drive one by yourself!


Overall Experience 

We had two awesome guides, Justin & Giggles, who were knowledgeable about The Ranch and of the Hawaiin history which was great to be educated on. They were also kind and respectful throughout while making sure everyone is safe. The total duration of the trail was around 3 hours, but trust me the time flies!


There were enough breaks and stops to use the appropriate facilities and enjoy the snacks provided. Also, there was some time as well to take pictures which is also great.

Would I recommend? 

Absolutely! This is probably one of the biggest highlights from Kaua’i and the whole Hawaii vacation. My entire family enjoyed it and so did the rest of the group. I would definitely recommend this if you’re ever going to Hawaii, and especially if you’re going to this specific island.

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