The Fit Break Down: Rattray Marsh Conversational Area

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The other day I visited the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area for some fresh air and to ease my mind a bit. It was pretty calming, but kind of surprised with the number of people I saw. Nonetheless, I decided to go on a trail that featured a peaceful boardwalk and soothing waves. If I am being frank, it’s so hard to stay calm, positive, and to find balance between your heart and mind. That’s why when I decided to go here, I knew I had the ideal outfit in mind, and you can read below to read my decision process and where I grabbed and where you possibly can as well. 


The main piece of this fit is this tee. I absolutely loved it as soon as I saw it during my Eurotrip last year. I was at the incredible Selfridges flagship store in London, and this tee just spoke to me. I remember my sis mentioning “this shirt is very much me”. It’s actually the first thing I owned from All Saints, and I got it for an amazing deal. I love the way it fits and feels as well.

Place of Purchase: Selfridges London

Price: £19


The second most important thing about this fit are these sneakers. What goes perfectly with this tee are these sneakers. It’s another thing that I really identified with and felt it was a great expression of my beliefs and style. I always wanted a Pharell Williams x Adidas NMD trail but I was waiting for the right colourway, and this was it. Another awesome touch is that it is also a collaboration between Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), Pharrell’s clothing line. Although it may be hard to read because of the navy font and the laces (which feature a unique and customizable lacing system) the shoes read out “Heart” and “Mind”.

I was fortunate to cop these on a restock and a big fan of Pharrell’s work with 3 stripes. You can probably get these a bit under retail on the secondary market. Unfortunately, these kicks were never the same since I went on the kipu ranch trail, but it was also the perfect choice of footwear then as well.

Place of Purchase: Adidas Canada

Price: $340 CAD + Tax


In terms of socks, I didn’t want to take away from the theme but I still wanted to connect somehow. That’s why I went with these navy blue kith socks that complement the navy on the sneakers, which I also got at Selfridges. Therefore this was a perfect selection for this outfit. You can find these at any kith store or

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Place of Purchase: Selfridges London

Price: £19


The last piece is these shorts which I also got for a good deal. I felt with these black denim shorts that are simple enough but are still consistent with the black and white theme from the tee.

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Place of Purchase: Stitches

Price: $15 CAD

Let me know what you think, and your thoughts on these pieces! Please make sure you follow the blog via email so you get notified about new content!

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