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I recently got back from my vacation to Hawaii, and to be honest, I am still jet-lagged! Therefore, I do apologize in the delay of delivering content but let’s get the ball rolling with my first food review from the trip! Stay tuned for part one of the recap Vlog on Youtube coming very soon!


2005 Kalia Rd, Honolulu, Hawaii (inside the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort)

Why I Went

I believe this was from Season 3, I am not sure. As seen on Google & YouTube

Besides the fact that the restaurant was walking distance from my stay, there was one other big reason to check this out. As you can see above, a show that I have been watching for years now, Hawaii Five-0, has done some scenes at Tropics throughout the series. Also, it helps that there were some vegetarian options


Island Sunset
Island Sunset: A Drink that contains Mango, Pineapple & Orange, with a bit of Grenadine – $19.50 for the Pitcher

To be completely honest, I did not enjoy the food. The reason why I placed this beverage in this section because that was the best tasting item off the menu in my personal opinion. The main reason why I say that is because when it came to all the different items I tried, there were too many strong distinct tastes and smells in one entree that took away from the enjoyment of eating the dish.


Vegetable Pasta
Vegetable Pasta – $22 USD

I assume because of the location and the popularity of the venue since it has been a recurring Hawaii Five-0 film location the prices are marked at a high rate. As you can see by the picture captions, the prices are pretty steep. The highest is the veggie burger priced at $24 while the cheapest is the pitcher of Island Sunset priced at $19.50.


Vegetable Flatbread – $20

Back to a positive point of Tropics, the service was great! Our waiter was really nice and friendly that added to the welcoming environment.


They seemed to have live entertainment nightly.

Whether you’re sitting inside Tropics or walking down the beautiful Waikiki beach, you can hear some talented musicians playing live inside Tropics. When I was enjoying my meal, this artist was performing and I have to admit, he can sing!


Sleek and classy bar. I’m sure they also filmed some scenes at the bar as well.

The venue also had a lot of elements, but it complemented each other. From the outside, there were several fire pits that added a unique aesthetic while inside it’s not too fancy but the tables and bar still give a sleek look. Also, it’s dope that the waiters and waitresses wear aloha shirts!

Would I Go Again? 

Veggie Burger – $24

To be frank, I would say no. The main reason for my decision is because I didn’t actually enjoy the food. For me, the main reason why I do the food reviews is to enjoy the food and share my honest opinion about the overall experience. Also, this was also a very pricey dinner which is also a big factor for why I probably won’t return to this venue. However, if they do try to implement my recommendations below then I might come back. Also, it wasn’t terrible food it just wasn’t for me. Their seafood and meat options might taste better.


One of the many fire pits.

My main recommendations for Tropics would be to include more vegetarian options and/or make adjustments to the entrees so it does not include several overpowerful tastes in one dish. Therefore, as a vegetarian, if they don’t reduce their prices at least it can be justified with the food.

Nonetheless, it was awesome to at least try the food here and actually visit Tropics! I do recommend you to check it out for yourself as it was an overall good experience.

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