Ever since I tried Tut’s for the first time at the Street Eats Market in Scarborough two years ago, I have been wanting to visit their King St. West location, and I finally got the chance! This time around I tried a few more vegan items and comfortably dine-in. In this review, I will not only discuss and show some of their vegan options but also show how it looks inside (also another big reason for why I have been wanting to go to this location). Before reading the blog post below, feel free to check out more vegetarian and vegan content on the blog or via my socials by following on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! For a pov look inside and a visual teaser for what to expect below watch the video below!

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About and Location

As the name clearly states Tut’s specializes in Egyptian street food, more specifically a modernized take on Egyptian sandwiches. And as you can probably tell the name is clearly inspired by a well known King. They have three locations listed on their website but their first location is in downtown Toronto, at King & Portland (567 King Street West). The parking here is limited but you may be able to park on the street or find a paid parking garage a few minutes away. The other reason why I really wanted to visit this location because the atmosphere is amazing, especially with the artwork all around. Truthfully, the outfit I wore to the Immersive King Tut exhibit, the one with the Kyrie 7 Horus, is what I was initially was going to wear to take photos here because the art is really beautiful. Although it is packaged in their special boxes so you can easily take it to go, you can definitely dine in and enjoy. What makes it even better is that the service and environment was amazing which I really appreciate.


As you can see by looking at the menu, the pricing is great in my opinion. All the vegan options are $3.99 CAD each but you can also get some combos such as the Tut’s Vegan (2 sandwiches, 1 side, 1 drink) for $11.49 or the ultimate vegan combo where you get 2 more sandwiches for $18.99. I ended up getting the Tut’s vegan with another sandwich one the side since I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat 4 sandwiches let alone a sweet one. PS they are cashless.

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In terms of taste, I know I said it before but there is a lot of really good things going for them. As stated in my Street Eats review of them, the bread is absolutely phenomenal. It’s incredibly soft yet filling and comforting. Speaking of, when you eat the taameyya (falafel) when it is warm it is especially good with great texture and filling. For me, it is a bit hard to decide which I like more, the falafel or the arnabeet (cauliflower) . It is fried perfectly but I would say I don’t think the tomato is necessary for this sandwich because just with the sauce and bread it is great. My least favourite was actually the batates (potato). only because I found it a bit hard and especially when the bread is so soft it becomes even more evident. Nonetheless, it wasn’t bad at all but I didn’t love it like I did with the arnabeet (cauliflower) and taameyya (falafel). Also, in the combo I did get the fries with dukka and they were really tasty thanks to the seasoning, but it is a bit more salty than expected but still really good.


All in all, I definitely recommend Tut’s and their vegan options to anyone especially if you want to eat good food without hurting your wallet too much. Personally, my favourites are the arnabeet and taameyya as you get the most flavour and comfort with each bite. I also really loved eating here and appreciating the service and art/decor all around so if you’re ever in the area and you have the chance to dine-in, I would say do it! Let me know what you think, whether you had it before or plan on checking it out, let me know in the comments below or on social media by giving a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook as I will be posting more vegetarian content!

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