Review: Street Eats Market – STC (Daytime)

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Hey Everyone, so a week or two ago I finally got the chance to check out the Street Eats Market at Scarborough Town Centre (520 Progress Ave – parking available nearby). Street Eats is essentially a market of food trucks where people can try the different food the city has to offer, they have 2 other locations (Richmond Hill & Vaughn). I went during the day to see what vegetarian options I can try but unfortunately not all the vendors were there. Nonetheless, I was still able to check out a few spots and I hope this won’t be my last time visiting Street Eats because I am curious to try more food. Fortunately, the food I did have was pretty solid and split them up in different sections which you can read about below.


Greek Fries

Vendor: Aegean Greek Street Eats

Price: $8.00

Thoughts: I’ve had greek fries at a few different places and frankly, most have been terrible but this is not one of them. I would say this is the best Greek Fries I ever hard! There is a strong smell with the sauce but it’s not really a bad thing, especially since it tastes great. The fries are hot and the feta melts with the fries perfectly. It helps that the sauce on top is so smooth and provides great flavour in every bite.


Vendor: Aegean Greek Street Eats

Price: $4.90

Thoughts: This was definitely not the Spanakopita I’ve had before. It’s not bad as there is great texture and not too oily. However, as you can see after taking a bite the difference in spinach and pastry, it’s a good rise but would love more spinach in it but that’s just my preference.

Main Meal

Vendor: Tut’s Egyptian Street Food (They are cashless – so bring you card!)

Price: $11.50 (2 sandwiches, fries and pop) Sandwiches alone are $4.50

Thoughts: As pictures I got this combo and tried the 2 vegetarian options which is the falafel and arnabeet (cauliflower) with fries and pop on the side. I have seen Tut’s all over Instagram and have been meaning to try it to see if it does live up to the hype. In short, it does. But here’s why.

Firstly, the bread for the sandwiches are phenomenal, it’s so soft and comforting I wish they sold on its own. The falafel was cooked just right, the taste was great as it was not what you can expect when getting falafels from fast food places. However, the arnabeet is one of the best street food I’ve ever eaten. A lot of people try to make cauliflower taste good, Tut’s did it and made it taste way better than expected. In my opinion the cauliflower is cooked perfectly and the sauce one top really complements the bread and the cauliflower which will leave you unsatisfied with eating just one. The fries are well seasoned which was a nice touch to the meal.


Vendor: Beavertails

Price: $7.25

Thoughts: Believe it or not, this was my very first time ever trying Beavertails. There is a lot of different options to choose from but based on the other food I got, I didn’t want something too crazy so I went with a nice Bananarama. It’s the signature Beavertails pastry where you have a nice dough base but have hazelnut spread on top of that with bananas and some sugar on top. Trust me, this seems so simple and basic but it was far from it. If that’s not your thing then they have a lot more options to choose from and their food truck is often seen at major pop up events, celebrations, and even concerts sometimes.


Greek Frappe

Vendor: Aegean Greek Street Eats

Price: $4.50

Thoughts: I was instantly intrigued to try the Greek Frappe but when asking more about it to the vendor (a nice senior) he described with great detail and even said that he used to drink this back home in Greece which is why I had to at least try it once. I got the drink with low sugar but you can adjust it, especially those who don’t love a bold coffee taste because the coffee was really strong. When drinking this, it reminded me more of black ice coffee which is not bad but definitely recommend this for ice coffee lovers or cold brew coffee fans.

Sugarcane Lemonade 

Vendor: The Funky Patacon

Price: I believe under $3

Thoughts: I really wanted to try more stuff from The Funky Patacon as their menu seemed really interesting but since we already got so much food I have to wait until next time. Nonetheless, something that also intrigued me was this drink they were selling, it’s a sugarcane lemonade. I enjoyed it because there is a lemon zesty flavour jumps at you which is great, and it feels light and smooth but I do want to mention that there is a brief after taste.


All in all, this was a fun eating experience but I really need to go back to try more foods from different vendors and definitely going back for more from these vendors as well. My top 3 items would be Tut’s cauliflower sandwich, Aegean’s Greek Fries, and Beavertails’ Bananarama. If you have tried any of these for yourself please let me know your thoughts and remember, this is a great way to support local food vendors who’ve experienced loss in sales due to the pandemic. Stay tuned for any updates to this blog post and on social media, so follow on Facebook & Instagram for more food reviews and other content!

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