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This is a very special post because as you can see by the video above I did a quadruple unboxing! I know the video itself is long but each item has it’s story so please use the timing ques/chapters to help navigate! What’s special about this unboxing is that it covers many different fandoms but FOCO absolutely did their thing with this! Please watch the video, give it a like, subscribe to the channel and share it with someone who would enjoy it, because that support does go along way and helps build the brand!

I highly recommend watching the video prior to reading below because this is your best look on how it looks in hand and what to expect when unboxing these. This is a great gift for yourself, or someone else and if you wanted more suggestions from FOCO don’t hesitate to reach out but let’s get into the details of each item, including the link to purchase!


This was delivered before the other three and very different because it is a jigsaw puzzle but its of an iconic magazine cover I remember from my childhood. As I stated in the video Shaquille O’Neal is my favourite basketball player of all time and is the reason why I had an interest in basketball. Truth be told, I was a fan of his before being a fan of the Toronto Raptors, so that should say something! In the video I also mentioned my memories of SLAM magazine growing up, and if you’re not too familiar with SLAM magazine they are a reputable basketball print (and I believe digital as well now) magazine that are known their iconic cover photos including this one. I really liked the bobblehead that was available, but this puzzle is also equally awesome, especially since its only $25! FULL DISCLOSURE – this was harder than expected and the final product is pretty large. I haven’t done a puzzle in forever, but if you are familiar with puzzles this should be fairly straight forward. Nonetheless, it was fun to do and I definitely recommend this! You can see the photo on the separate pieces doesn’t lose any resolution, therefore ensuring top quality for the final product while having some individual or family fun getting this puzzle done!

Link to Purchase:

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The next item up is another special one but not really related to my childhood but does make me reminisce of an awesome FAN EXPO Canada Moment that I had with Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa. You can watch the video to hear the story but to recap, there is no one better to play this superhero than Jason Momoa. He truly does appreciate where he is at, his fans, and the important causes that Aquaman himself would care about. It was also the rebrand the superhero needed, and it’s great to have a collectible like this that actually does look a lot like his actual face but has so many fine details from the logos, the scales on his suit, the trident, and of course the translucent tidal waves. This is a great gift for any DC Comics Fan, Aquaman, or just a fan of Jason Momoa especially at $40! You really do get your money’s worth and serves as a great display piece! If you’re not really feeling this, there’s a lot of other awesome DC Collectibles on sale, which you can shop below!

Link to Purchase:

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So this bobblehead does make me think about growing up and one thing I was obsessed with at one point of time was WWE, and someone I was hoping to see make a surprise appearance at SummerSlam 2019. It was definitely entertaining and something my dad and I shared an interest in even though he is more a fan of the older generation while I was more of the newer (at the time), but we both really liked the Canadian wrestlers from Bret Hart to this man right here, Edge! I loved watching Edge he was giving his all and was definitely entertaining. The Toronto native also reps Toronto hard which is why the shirt I wore was perfect since his face was on it as well (more details about that can be seen here). Nonetheless, the bobblehead is so well done because of how much details FOCO invested in producing this from the special look and feel to the stage to all the Edge branding throughout the base and the bobblehead (Edge) itself. It is honestly so well done, but if you’re not feeling this Edge bobblehead(even though the price has dropped to $45) there is a lot more options to choose from Hulk Hogan, Rey Mysterio, Stone Cold, John Cena, The Rock and Sasha Banks to just name a few!

Link to Purchase:



Last but not least, we have another bobblehead that is another fan favourite and my favourite hockey player of all time, Sidney Crosby. Arguably, one of the best hockey players of all time, I really like his game on the ice and how he represents himself off of it too. I miss playing ice hockey and wearing the skates that he promoted! He is a guaranteed Hall of Famer and his resume speaks for himself, definitely a legend when it comes to the Pittsburgh Penguins and Canadian Hockey. I absolutely love that this is a numbered limited edition collectible as you can see in the video which number I got. I love that there are so many design details going on from the snowy bridge that features his name to the puck-like base behind it with his number on it. Besides looking a lot like Sid the Kid, one detail I really liked was how they painted the socks to make it look more realistic. Once again, this is quality work priced at $50 is what you can expect from FOCO perfect for Crosby fans! This limited series is still available and also includes other players in the “Thematic” series. You can also view other cool NHL collectibles and gear below!

Link to Purchase:


All in all, I am really grateful to have all of these in my collection and for FOCO for sending these! These all remind me of special moments and allows me to connect with different fandoms that I am also a part of which is why you can definitely expect to see these in the back of future videos! Let me know in the comments below or on the social media posts what you think of these and if you end up grabbing one! Follow on Facebook and Instagram for more including limited drops or sales that FOCO has!

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