WWE SummerSlam 2019 – The Fit Break Down + Recap of WWE PopUp Shops, SummerSlam

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As mentioned in the vlog above, this is the first time I watched WWE in several years (almost a decade). However, when I found out that SummerSlam was coming back to Toronto, I knew I had to check it out. So watch the video above for the recap and my thoughts and see below for pictures and details.

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WWE PopUp Shops

WWE SuperStore 


The SuperStore presented by WWE was the true pop-up and the best shopping option out of all three. As seen above, it was open to the public for free and was open for 3 days straight. The hours were pretty good and by the time I went on Saturday, it was pretty empty and calm. They had the most selection regardless of what you were looking for and it was a really cool set up.


As you can see ChalkLine had some exclusive merchandise (pictured is the NWO Toronto gear) just for the SuperStore. My buddy really liked the Stone Cold Toronto shirt, but my favorite piece that I didn’t cop has to be the hockey jersey.


The belts are very popular, but the Toronto Raptors championship belt was the most anticipated. However, for me, I am nowhere near being able to purchase that belt because it costs $500 plus an additional $150 for the plates.

Footlocker on 247 Yonge St. 

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Footlocker on 247 Yonge St, located at Yonge & Dundas aka the heart of downtown Toronto was home to a lot of WWE celebrations including meet & greets. Impromptu and scheduled.

IMG_2176 copy
Chalk-Line display at Footlocker

There was a lot of Chalk-Line apparel available at Footlocker. This was great to see because they make dope clothing and the fact that you get to avoid the shipping fees was amazing. Apollo was trying on the Bulldog jacket by them when I talked to him.

They also had really cool memorabilia and exclusive products including the super limited edition painted Converse Chuck Taylor’s designed by Alexander-John.

Real Sports Apparel 


If you have never been inside or let alone heard of Real Sports, it’s the official merchandise store for MLSE (Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment), therefore they carry the merch for Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto FC & More. Usually, the entire store is open for that day it was closed off, and even with the big line the selection wasn’t that great because the other multiple vendor spots offered the same things and if you had the chance to go to the superstore you would’ve had better options in terms of products and sizing. Keep in mind the Toronto Raptors WWE “Champions” t-shirt was sold out quick with the Maple Leafs t-shirt left in some sizes.

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The Fit Break Down


When entering Scotiabank Arena, the security guard really liked my shirt because she never saw it before and to be honest I didn’t see a lot of people with it.

Price: $35 CAD

Place of Purchase: WWE’s pop up SuperStore. But monitor the site, to see if it will drop in the future.


Price: $60 CAD, trust me this is a steal.

Place of Purchase: WWE’s pop up SuperStore. But monitor the Chalk-Line’s site, to see if it will restock in the future. You can even message them to ask.



This wasn’t mentioned in the video because I was wearing it throughout the recording, but this is such a clean hat with great colour blocking and details. The Canadian flag on the side, Toronto n the back and the embroidery of the SummerSlam logo were well done on a non-branded snapback.

Price: $25 CAD

Place of Purchase: WWE’s pop up SuperStore. But monitor the site, to see if it will drop in the future.

Socks & Boxers

Price: BOGO 50% socks were $12.99 and boxers are on clearance for $6.99

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Place of Purchase: Spencer’s in-store, boxers you can get online but cheaper in store


All the details are mentioned in the vlog, but I also mentioned how Wale was a huge WWE fan and how he went sneaker shopping with Complex & New Day, so see below for that video.

Price: $160 USD

Place of Purchase: WWE Shop I copped on WWE.com and I saw these went really low in price on WWE.com and especially eBay, right now your best bet is to make a bid on StockX.

SummerSlam Event Recap


All in all, it was such a great experience. It helped that the people we sat beside were really into it as well and we got to discuss our predictions during the matches. There was definitely some awesome highlights and reminisced about my childhood excitement when it came to WWE. It’s surreal to see how much has changed but it was also really cool to see as well. I did think Roman Reigns was going to fight and I wanted to see a little Canadian reunion all at once during the event, but other than that it was fun!

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