This wasn’t my first time trying Kung Fu Tea but I was curious to try some different options from their menu in the summer so I thought it would only be right to do a review. Some of these (if not all) of the menu options that I reviewed, should still be available. Read below for my review and what I would recommend but don’t hesitate to support by following the blog via social media on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! For a POV inside and a visual teaser of what you can expect below check out the TikTok below!

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I first want to say that this is not to be confused with Kung Fu Tea in Cali or in other places in America (KF Tea in Canada). This review is about Kung Fu Tea which is primarily located in Toronto but has several of other locations in the GTA and Ontario! The location I got my drinks and dessert was Kung Fu Tea on Markham, located at 7700 Markham Rd, Markham, Ontario. I did get one drink from a Scarborough location (Kung Fu Tea on Chartwell). Both locations are nice (and have decent parking), but the Chartwell location is bigger with options to dine in while the Markham one is for to go. At all the locations I have noticed there are really nice illustrations of their mascot/logo with the company’s values. Also, I believe you can sign up for their rewards to get a free drink if you give them your number.

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You can see the prices for yourself, and it’s not bad and pretty standard for popular boba/bubble tea spots in the GTA. I will recommend you go for the large for most drinks (if you know you can finish it) because it’s usually around fifty cents more! The only thing I wasn’t a fan of when it came to pricing was the egg waffles. I find it a bit weird that you are essentially just buying an egg waffle on its own and the ice cream is a topping itself for an extra $1.50. The final price of $7.35 after tax doesn’t seem that bad, but I think it would make more sense to just include that in the initial price and add an additional fee if you wanted it with red bean ice cream or with brown sugar pearls instead. Once again, this is just my opinion but let me know if you do usually eat the egg waffles on its own.

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I will start with my favourite, well more specifically my mom’s favourite, the passion fruit qq! All the different toppings in this one drink taste so good, but the pearls to me are what really stand out. I love that you can taste the passion fruit with the drink but it’s not overpowering and the toppings just enhance the overall flavour while not being too sweet. Another drink I liked (which I got at the Brimley location) was the strawberry yogurt slush. It wasn’t bad at all and I appreciate the fact you can taste the strawberry jam and the yogurt which is why I would say it reminds me of a milkshake mixed with yakult.

I did get two other drinks that I felt were okay. I got the earl grey milk tea with less ice and less sugar, for my sister and tried some of it and it wasn’t bad at all but my recommendation is maybe to add more sugar for better sweetness. However, if you are a fan of earl grey, I think you will really like this one. The ice cream warrior is okay. At first, I have to admit it tasted really bland but by the middle of the drink, you finally taste the ice cream and flavour which made the drink enjoyable. The best part of the drink was the pearls, which paired nicely with the ice cream. Also, the drink only comes in regular sizing. The final thing I tried on a hot summer day was the matcha egg waffle with vanilla ice cream. It wasn’t bad or anything, but nothing stood out for me either. I thought it was still pretty good and won’t be a bad choice in the summer heat. Also, the egg waffles do get made fresh right in front of you so be prepared to wait a while.

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So that’s my review of Kung Fu Tea. I will definitely be coming back again as I do see they have promos and new drinks at times. I did enjoy it but I will say my favourite drink I would absolutely recommend is the passionfruit QQ. If you have a favourite drink or item from here let me know in the comments below or on social media by following on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook as I will be posting more boba/bubble tea content in the future!

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