REVIEW & What To Expect: C+ Tea 私家茶

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A few days ago I found myself walking an hour to the very popular midland and finch area/plaza because I had the time and I wanted something to drink. I came across this place that had the their “grand opening” balloons so decided to check it out… and I’m glad I did. I actually went here (C+ Tea) where they offer Thai specialities/twists including exotic tea, drinks, and snacks. I have done twice in the past 3 days and I might come back in the near future as well. Read below for my review as I tried 4 different drinks including something special they offer, but first feel free to support by following the blog via social media on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! For a visual teaser of what you can expect, watch the video below! 2023/02/06 Update: I went again for a special promotion which I included below!

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As mentioned above this is located at the midland and finch area/plaza more specifically at SkyCity (same plaza as Chungchun). There is parking there but keep in mind their unit is near the entrance so be cautious when parking and exiting as this area of the parking lot is very busy. In terms of the actual space it might not seem like it but it is quite spacious with various seating options at the front or back, and they have their own washrooms as well. Side note: It did come in clutch during the Rogers outage since their wifi worked!

Sonrei is Sunscreen Reimagined


I wish I took a picture of their menu as they do have a lot of options but if you visit their website you can see all the different options and prices. In terms of pricing, it is probably considered to be on the higher side as most of the drinks are $7.99 CAD but it is worth it in my opinion. The Kawaii Bears (see below) come with a really cute and cool collectible cup that has a handle attached to it which was $11.99 each (and you can technically ask them to put any drink in that cup). Frankly, this was worth it because the cups are pretty big and remind me of a 200% Bearbrick! Note: this does sell out and I messaged first to confirm if they had it in stock as the first day I went it was out of stock so when I went 2 days later it was there. Also, keep in mind of promotions they have, as the 2 drinks you see above (left: butterfly pea soda right: summer mojito) was part of their grand opening sale where you can buy one get one free. They do have other promotions as well, including one where I believe if you do follow them you can get 10% off your next drink but make sure to show them before you order as I forgot until after. 2023/02/06 Update: They have 50% off promotions that they post about on their Instagram Story, so make sure you look out for that. Note that the promotion doesn’t include specialty cups like Kawaii bears. I got three drinks and it came up to $10.60 which is amazing!


I didn’t try any of their desserts or snacks (no vegetarian options) but did have four of their drinks. Out of all of the drinks the one I enjoyed the most was easily is the Butterfly Pea Milk Tea (above on the left)! It’s hard to describe the flavour because it felt a bit neutral but in terms of the actual milk tea it wasn’t too sweet, was smooth, however I felt like there was something inside like a pudding (not sweet either) even after shaking up the cup. I did save some for later and refrigerated it, and I would say it tastes the best when chilled. The other Kawaii bear above is filled with the Strawberry Mojito. This was different from one above (Summer Mojito) as this uses a strawberry base while that one uses a passionfruit base. Frankly, I preferred the strawberry more as it wasn’t too strong and acidic as the Summer Mojito but you still get that sharpness you usually get from mojitos. The other drink I got was the butterfly pea soda which wasn’t bad either as it tasted a bit like a sprite with a bit more of a lemon flavour if that makes sense? Nonetheless, I would recommend the Butterfly Pea Kawaii Bear because a) it tastes really good and b) look how awesome it looks!

2023/02/06 Update I tried three more drinks recently and all very different, but enjoyed it. The first drink on the left is the Mango Passion Green Tea QQ. I really enjoyed it because it wasn’t too sweet and loved the QQ toppings (pearls and lychee jelly). The middle drink is my favourite out of the three which is the Pandan Coconut Milk Duo, which I believe is a signature drink for them. The panadan flavour mixed with the coconut milk gives a comforting yet refreshing taste, plus I enjoyed the crystal boba and coconut milk pudding it comes with! The last drink is the earl grey which gives a great classic milk tea feel, perfect for those that don’t prefer their drinks too sweet.

Overall and Recommendations

All in all, both times I have gone to C+ Tea they staff have been great and I enjoyed the drinks I’ve gotten! I would definitely like to try even more items including the desserts, especially the food but wish they can introduce vegetarian food options in the near future if it is possible. I love that they have incorporate so many different popular Thai ingredients and delights into their menu to help make them stand out and I do wish they get more stock of their Kawaii bears because out of all the special cups for anywhere I’ve gone, this is the best for your buck! I am curious if they do allow people to bring in their Kawaii cups again and buy another drink to be put in to promote reusability and less plastic. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on the upcoming social media posts by giving a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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