Universal Studios Hollywood Food Review

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Update: I actually went again in June 2022, and I have tried a few new items so see below! Hey Everyone! I’ve been meaning to post this for sometime now but now, especially since most people will be travelling soon I wanted to do a review on a popular tourist attraction, Universal Studios Hollywood. However, this post is just a teaser to that as this will be specifically discussing the food I ate while I was at Universal Studios (which was pretty much a full day) and is all vegetarian. See below to learn more including pricing and pics! Make sure you follow the blog and on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for the review of Universal Studios Hollywood itself, more LA Content and food reviews! FYI: I went on November 29th, 2021 so there might be updates from what you see below, best to check Universal Studios official website in addition to this blog post. See below for a glimpse of what I ate in November 2021 below and for what I ate in June 2022 see the video below this one.

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As mentioned, this is the food that fuelled me during the entire duration of my visit which was at least about 10 hours and it is located in different areas of the theme park so I have decided to split into different sections.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Honeydukes

You know how they say “like a kid in a candy store” well yeah it’s literally as candy store but 10x cooler since it’s in the world of Harry Potter. I got a couple of cool treats to bring home (wish I took a proper picture) but we also ate some there since we didn’t want to explore the Wizarding World first. Let’s start off with Florean Fortescue’s strawberry peanut butter ice cream ($6.99 USD), it’s delicious. The best way I can describe it is that it tastes like a strawberry flavoured Reese’s. Another great pick up was the fudge ($9.90 USD for 2), it has a distinct sweet flavour and great texture that balances perfectly in the middle of soft and thick.

Something I was genuinely surprised about was the cauldron cake ($9.95 USD). Not only does it look beautiful, it comes in a nice box. You can actually reuse the cauldron, but note it’s not super durable. In terms of the taste of the cake, it’s not the frosting is nice, not too sweet and reminds me of the warmth you feel when eating the chocolate part of a classic birthday cake.

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The Simpsons – Luigi’s Pizza

Around lunch time we went to the upper lot, and viewed mini Springfield with so many food establishments from the series. Although there were a lot of different Simpsons themed food options, most were busy and limited with vegetarian option so we went here. The system was a bit unique, it was a quick grab and go with some seating options outside. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan because the food was a little basic for me as nothing stood out in terms of flavour or texture. However, if I am being completely honest I feel like the price contributes to my rating as it was seriously overpriced in my opinion. The pizzas below were $9.99 USD for the veggie and $9.59 USD for the cheese, while the pasta above was $14 USD believe (and there was a sign that said they have a veggie option). Mind you this is just my opinion, my sister actually did enjoy this but me… not so much.

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Mummy Eats

Near the end of the day as we were wrapping up checking out the rides we can we wanted to grab one last bite at the park. We ended up going to Mummy Eats, which is at the lower lot, right beside the Mummy ride. The options were limited as it was a small booth but we ended up getting the vegetarian corn dogs (that comes with fries) at $11.49 USD each. Personally, not a fan of this either as I found it a bit oily and the texture a bit too hard for a corn dog.

Studio Scoop

June 2022 update*

Right beside the Mummy Eats (kind of) and beside Transformers is something I feel is much better, Studio Scoop. I believe the ice cream used is Dreyer’s and there are a lot of cool different ice cream treats you can enjoy but we got the Orange Berry in a cup ($7.29) which features 3 different flavours and colours (blue raspberry, orange, and strawberry) blend in a soft serve that not only looks amazing but also tastes amazing as well. It’s the best ice cream in the park in my opinion.

Cocina Mexicana

June 2022 update*

I tried this my second time around with my family, and this was pretty much the main meal we ate since we left the park around 5pm. I was excited to try this because it was Mexican vegan food but if I am being honest, I was a bit disappointed. It wasn’t terrible because you still got to enjoy some plant based protein with the beans and Beyond Meat Chorizo but what I found odd is that the vegan / plant based options won’t come with rice even if you asked. Above is the sopes and taco platter. Frankly, for the price (I think the whole place came up to $50) it’s not satisfy especially since the mango pineapple lemonade and horchata were super water down, but unfortunately for me, this is was the best option to get a meal as a vegetarian in my opinion.

Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream

June 2022 update*

Located at the Springfield part of Universal Studios Hollywood you can expect a bit of a line for these ice creams, and it does come in clutch during the heat. On the left is the Ice Cream Conans with vanilla flavour and cotton candy swirl ($7.29). I did not taste anything cotton candy related. On the right, is the Cookies ‘N Cream ‘N Things which consists of a soft serve chocolate/vanilla swirl (you can also just get vanilla or chocolate) topped with strawberry sauce, Oreo cookies and whipped cream. These ice creams wasn’t bad but a little too sweet.

Universal Studios Gift Shop (Main)

Finally, prior to leaving we wanted to check out the main gift shop and found some cool things. Usually a lot of the main rides have their own mini gift shops but this is a big one you will see before you leave that has the best selection of pretty much everything. I didn’t see these chocolate bars anywhere else but here, and it was right when we were ready to check out our items did I see it. I’m glad I got these chocolate bars because most were great!

I ended up getting four (the Honeydukes one was from before and it was $5.95 USD), and some I will get again in more quantity the next time I am there even though all these chocolate bars are $4 USD each. My favourite has to be the Back to The Future malted milk shake, as it was so good and reminded me a bit like the Crunch chocolate bar. My second favourite has to be the Shrek bar, because it not only looks good but how can you go wrong with cookies n’ creme!? The Jurassic Park chocolate bar was interesting since it also looked cool but mainly because it had a perfect balance of sweetness since the chocolate is dark and the “bones” are candy. My least favourite was the minions. Of course, bananas was a must for this chocolate but it really was too much of clash that I couldn’t enjoy.


In conclusion, be ready to spend some money when you’re here besides the rides and cool souvenirs as the food definitely adds up. However, some were worth it in my opinion and I will definitely be getting again. My main recommendation of what you would enjoy and what I would get again if I’m there again would be everything I got from Honeydukes and all the chocolate bars from the main gift shop except for Minions. I’m curious to know if how the other veggie options would taste so if you have, let me know in the comments below or on social by also following on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Also stay tuned for the Universal Studios Hollywood review and more LA content!

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