Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw Murals: Pics + What You Need To Know

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Today marks 3 years since Nipsey Hussle tragically passed away. To me, I enjoyed his music but why I cared so much and had so much respect for him was his work in his community. Nipsey has made such an impact within his own community working on anti-gentrification methods to give back to Slauson, Crenshaw, and LA as a whole. I loved that he provided numerous job opportunities to those who were struggling and was investing in STEM programs for the children to have a better education. I believe that his foundation continues to support his initiatives even after he has passed away. That’s why, on my LA trip I really wanted to go down to Crenshaw and visit The Marathon Clothing Store in honour of Nipsey and his impact which expanded from local to global.

In this blog post I have included pictures of the murals and some insight (hopefully helpful) if you do plan on visiting for yourself and checking out these murals. Please keep in mind I went on November 30th, 2021 so depending on when you come across this post there might be some changes. Also, feel free to follow the blog and on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more LA Content!

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The Marathon Clothing Store

My initial plan was not to take pictures of all these murals but to instead check out The Marathon Clothing (TMC) Store (420 W Slauson Ave F, Los Angeles, CA 90043). Unfortunately, it looks like the physical store itself is permanently closed. Therefore you can probably park across at Hungry Harold’s (The food here is not bad by the way) or there are some houses near by so you can probably park near there as well. In terms of the store, we went to the location and it was under construction. However, right in front of it there were a group of people selling TMC merchandise which is probably Nipsey’s people as he did have a lot of locals working the shop. I ended up buying an awesome Hussle and motivate t-shirt (see below) and proceeded to go to the back where there 2 other murals.

Sonos New Beam

The Murals

I think you can ask them to pass through the sellers if you just ask but not 100% sure, I just asked after I bought my t-shirt. There are definitely way more murals to see but here are the ones I went to. See below for the pictures and nearby locations.

This beautiful rose mural display is where the store used to be and right beside the merchants/sellers
This was right across (I believe right beside Hungry Harold’s)
This is the mural most people take a picture with which is why it was a bit hard to take a picture of the mural itself. This is behind the Marathon Clothing sellers tables.
This was right across the mural above so it is the same process to get here.
This was on my way there. It was I believe near a bank and the project is called “The Heart of Hyde Park” featuring that featured several notable people. Love the vibrancy and it was done by Moses Ball.
Absolutely loved this mural that featured 3 kings gone too soon. This was a few minutes away from the store, near the Slauson Super Mall and done by Tehrell Porter Designs.


All in all, it was great to visit Crenshaw and see these beautiful murals and see the place Nipsey Hussle’s global impact and inspiration stemmed from. Remember to be cautious of your surroundings when walking and driving (literally saw a car accident when driving to one of these murals). Let me know if you’ve seen these before or would want to one day. Also let me know of other cool Nipsey murals in the comments below or on social by also following on FacebookInstagram, and TikTok. Also stay tuned for the Universal Studios Hollywood review and more LA content!

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