INSIDE: Pearl Harbor Tour (Pearl Harbor Visitor Centre, USS Bowfin, USS Missouri, Pacific Aviation Museum & More)

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As promised, I am trying my best to recap and share the footage taken during this trip. I am condensing the videos into daily vlogs which you can see below. I also took a lot of pictures from the overall tour which you can see below!

Central Location

The reason why I say the central location is because you first need to get your ticket from the visitor centre as well as put all your bags in storage. Yes, they are pretty strict on having no bags even camera ones, which is why you need to pay $5 to store your bags in a secured locker.

The centre is located at 1 Arizona Memorial Pl, Honolulu, HI .

Pearl Harbor Historic Sites Visitor Centre

Here are some of the shots I took at the visitor centre, including a glimpse at the memorial circle.

Navy Shuttle Boat Tour

As seen in the video, we went into the theatre room (I advise to line up a bit earlier because it gets packed quickly). However, after seeing the documentary you can get on one of the Navy shuttle boat tours to see a good view of the water, different memorials (USS Tennesse, USS Nevada, and more) and also a good look at USS Arizona which was under construction at that time.

USS Arizona


Before I continue, a question you might have a question regarding prices. There are several different options and packages available, but as I mentioned in the Kualoa Ranch Review, this was completely free with the purchase of the Go Oahu card!

USS Bowfin

The next part of this tour was exploring the USS Bowfin Submarine, Museum & Park. You can see the pics I took below, make sure you click the buttons to pause, go back or forward. It was pretty cool to see how everything was for the soldiers and how they maintained everything after all these years.

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USS Missouri

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After fully exploring the center we took the shuttle bus to USS Missouri. It was massive and had a lot of cool things to check out while you are there. Check above for the photos from this specific spot.

Pacific Aviation Museum

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The last part of the tour was taking the shuttle bus again down to the Pacific Aviation Museum. The museum was fairly small but still had a great set up. There were different planes, documentaries, and even an interactive simulation experience to make you feel as if you were flying one of the jets.


All in all, it was a very informative experience. It was good to learn more about this historic event and would suggest you visit the different parts of the tour at least once. In addition to the tip of getting the Go Oahu card, I also suggest you plan in advance and make sure you give yourself enough time to explore everything as it does take up most of the day. Also, the day I went was a day before the anniversary of the event which is why there were a lot of people then and why there would be a lot of people coming in the next day.

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