INSIDE+Review: Kualoa Ranch Movie Tour

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Before you proceed to the pictures below from this pretty cool movie site tour, please check out the vlog that features footage from the tour!


It was fairly far from everything else we did in Oahu (because this is in Kaneohe) but still a beautiful route when you go on the Kamehameha highway. As mentioned in the video, you get to drive past a popular tourist attraction called “Chinaman Hat”. It was named that because of the mountain/island is shaped like a Chinese hat.

china man hat
A popular attraction, “Chinaman Hat”

The exact location for the ranch is 49-560 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe, HI.



So this was actually free along with when I visited Pearl Harbour (future vlog), toured Iolani Palace, had the Dolphin Encounter at Sea Life Park, and so much more through the Go Oahu card/app! You can get one here.  

With breathtaking views like this, there is no question on why movies are made here.

Of course, I only went to the movie site tour part but there is much more to do at this ranch. You can see below there are different animals at this ranch. They even have a pretty solid gift shop. For more information on what is there, check out their site here.

kualoa tour pig

Special Features/Popular Film Spots

jurassic park

The main reason why we even went was that this ranch is famously known for being a film site for Jurassic Park, and all the other movies in the franchise. You can notice the scenery if you look back at the films, but as far as mementos from the movie this sign was the only thing.

bonesskull island

Another movie that filmed here was Kong: Skull Island! Unlike Jurassic Park, there are actual props from the movie (if you watched the movie you know exactly which scene these props are featured). It was awesome to see it in person and to find out it was made out of styrofoam.


Although I never watched an episode, I know how historic and beloved the series, LOST, was. The series was shot in Hawaii, and on the tour, you can see the different spots that were featured in movies. In the video above, you can see the Jumanji (remake) sign. Pictured above, you can see where Jorge Garcia (currently on Hawaii 5-0) ‘s character on LOST set up a golf course. You can also see below other popular movies, such as 50 first dates.

50 first dates


As you saw in the video they were filming the new Godzilla movie that is coming out very soon to theatres. Although, I couldn’t get a picture if you see the video you get to see which star in the movie makes an appearance.


Feedback & Recommendation

kualoa tour front

Overall, I do recommend this ranch to visit if you are visiting Oahu, especially if you get the Oahu card. Although our specific tour guide was very informative and knowledgable about the island and the ranch itself, he was a bit rude which tarnished the overall experience. Even though we were the last tour for the day, I also didn’t like how certain spots in the tour was limited (eg. Jurassic Park). Therefore, I recommend allowing more time for the attendees to take pictures, videos and just enjoy the filming location.

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