The Fit Break Down: Kalapaki Beach

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The panoramic images you see above is of the beautiful beach (more beautiful during the day), known as Kalapaki Beach. As I wrap up recapping my Hawaii Trip (stay tuned for the final recap vlog), I wanted to end off with the tribute to Hawaii and one of the main reasons why I wanted to go, Hawaii 5-0. So let’s break this outfit below:


Top: Back of the t-shirt with Steve’s notable catchphrase with the original four main cast members. Bottom: Front, 5-0 task force badge

This tee was so dope I couldn’t pass up on. To be honest, when I knew I was going to go on this trip I was hunting for a dope Hawaii 5-0 shirt since the show is filmed across the different islands and tries to showcase the culture. They even do an annual blessing before the season premieres to interact with the fans but also to express their gratitude for the community.

It was a bit harder to find than expected but luckily I came across this one at a Giftshop at the Hilton in Waikiki (where they do film a lot), along with a cool Hawaii 5-0 replica badge that you usually see Steve showing or Danny wearing.

The 5-0 badge

The main reason why I like this shirt a lot is because they have the badge as a small crest with film crew below. On this trip, I did see they were filming for the show and the crew members did have special shirts that had “film crew” on it. I really like the back as well because it has a popular catchphrase from the main character with but in a special photo text, behind the text you see a picture of the OG 4 core members (Daniel Dae Kim & Grace Park left after season 7 unfortunately).

Place of Purchase: One of the gift shops located inside the Waikiki Hotel/Village (near the rainbow tower)

Price: I believe it was $30 USD


Speaking of popular, a popular or known sneaker you might have seen before are the Puma Suedes. You may have not seen these specific kicks before because this was part of a limited release (if you zoom in on the tongue you can see the unique number it has) between luxury brand MCM and Puma, where this shoe was even more limited since it was an MCM exclusive. Puma partnered up with various companies (might even be 50) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Puma Suede where the collaborating company will put their unique spin on this staple silhouette. These are a beautiful, detailed and clean shoe that fits solid as well. The other two Puma Suede’s that appealed to me was the collaboration between Puma and Santa Cruz as well as the collaboration between Puma and X-Large.

Place of Purchase: MCM Toronto (no online release for this specific colourway), but you can try for resale as some are available, including on StockX.

Price: I believe it was around $380 CAD


I couldn’t go to Hawaii and not wear socks with palm trees on. Therefore I knew I had to seize the opportunity and rock these dope socks that I got on sale!

Place of Purchase: Vans, in-store.

Price: On sale for $8 CAD


These longboard shorts was also a steal and the grey colour is neutral and balanced well with the rest of the Fit. You may have seen these when I went to the Kualoa Ranch, as seen on my Instagram page.

Place of Purchase: Bluenotes, in-store

Price: $10 to $15 CAD

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