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As promised, I am finishing up editing and gathering all the footage and pictures taken from my Hawaii trip. The ‘Iolani Palace will be featured in the upcoming vlog and I will update this post with the video link once it’s been published. Until then, take a look below for more information and pictures from inside the historical landmark in Oahu.

iolani palace


If you have been following and reading the posts regarding the places I visited in this trip, it would be safe to guess that this was one of the attractions covered in the Go Oahu card. In fact, it was covered which is why we didn’t have to pay anything additional, but if you wanted to learn more click here.



There are several rules and restrictions you need to abide by. Since it is deemed a sacred place, the first thing you need to know before going is making sure you are wearing appropriate clothing (no swimwear, no profanity). Also, as seen in the picture below you need to wear shoe coverings to make sure the palace is kept clean. The big things as well were that there are NO VIDEOS ALLOWED. Therefore, in the video, you don’t see much video content just pictures. You are also not allowed to use tripods and flash photography as well. For the full list,  you can check their website.


Experience and Features

Informational Guides

Although you can gain most of the information through books or online, the audio tapes and tour guides standing helped us become more educated on Hawaii’s history. Fortunately, I came across one lady that worked there that spent a lot of time explaining about the history and events.

This was in the Queen’s imprisonment room. Featured, are the quilts she made when she was imprisoned for nearly 8 months.



Artifacts and Specialities

Some of these were gifted to the Royal Family, and some of these were won.

Royalty Settings

I may have not captured everything featured but there were a lot of different things featured in the palace that only this royal family would’ve had.


As seen below, they keep this palace well maintained. They do some work here and there, but they do their best to keep it as authentic as possible. Therefore, I did like this experience and I am happy I was able to visit this palace and learn about history through this experience. I do recommend to visit the ‘Iolani Palace at least once!

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