INSIDE: Art Of The North By Toronto Raptors & Conscious Basketball

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If you haven’t done so already, you definitely need to check out this really cool art exhibit before it’s too late! Check out the video below to take a look inside as well as the pictures below to get a glimpse of the beautiful artwork featured presented by The Toronto Raptors and Conscious Basketball!

Location: 2 Snooker Street, Toronto, Ontario.  It’s called The Lounge at Live Nation and located in Liberty Village.

*there was a really affordable parking garage right beside the venue*


Important Information 

Price: FREE Admission

Yes, you read that right, you don’t have to pay anything to come in and check out the gallery as well as the freebies including a tattoo station and giveaways provided by Inkbox.

Check the right side for a list of the artists that were featured in this exhibition.

When Can I Go?

Well as you read this article, you can go right now! The exhibition was officially open to the public yesterday from 11am to 10pm (same hours every day). The last day to go is January 13th, 2018.

Looks even better in person. The materials used makes it even more intriguing.

What Do I Need To Do Before Going? 


Firstly, if you haven’t done so already DOWNLOAD THE RAPTORS APP! It’s a free app with so many benefits. I’m talking about discounts, giveaways, exclusive access, entries to the games and more! Nonetheless, the reason why I bring up the app is that you are able to place bids on the artwork seen here through the app! You can preview the art work there too. From what I’ve seen the lowest starting bid was $100, while the highest was $400. Mind you, this can change so if you want to snag a dope art piece place your bid before it’s too late!

How many Raptors can you name?
This jersey meant a lot to me which is why I couldn’t wait to own it when it came out. The Raptors have come along way, the ups and downs, this exhibit was a celebration. 

Special Features/Activations

Inkbox has a “tattoo parlor” set up beside the large video screen where you can get a temporary tattoo with a lot of cool Raptors options. Although it was freezing yesterday, I do regret not getting one done. They were also conducting a giveaway with a prize consisting of a Raptors jersey, Adidas BYW, and more.

As shown above, there was a large video screen playing cool animations and Raptor highlights throughout the years. Another cool set up was the Martk’d sneaker customization presented by Adidas. Stan Smith’s never looked better as there was a lot of cool art displayed on the shoes that Raptors fans will love.

Overall & My Favourite Pieces

Overall, I thought it was a great experience and it’s awesome that the Raptors partnered with a Conscious Basketball to have this unique gallery set up. It’s something that everyone can enjoy and that includes all generations of Raptors fans, the ones from time and the ones that are just getting into it.

One of my favourite experiences from this event was seeing a young child having the biggest smile looking at all the Raptors artwork and seeing his favourite players in different settings or being portrayed as different characters. I had the same excitement at that age and I still had the excitement when I saw some of these pieces that paid homage to the players I grew up idolizing, eg. Chris Bosh. See Below to see some of my favourite artwork and let me know what you think!

This is my favourite piece. I love the cosmic theme and the different leaders in Raptors history. Can you spot what may seem off?

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