The Fit Break Down: Art Of The North Presented By Toronto Raptors & Conscious Basketball

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If you haven’t checked out the post or YouTube video taking a look at the exhibit then click here! See below for this breakdown of a pretty simple outfit, that ties into the significance of the event and expresses my love for this team.


This jersey meant a lot for several reasons and I knew I had to get it. Firstly, it was the first time ever that the NBA All-Star game was happening in Toronto. I remember talking about why they should bring it here back in middle school. Secondly, in addition to the event being held in Toronto, Kyle Lowry was voted and selected as a STARTER for the game. That’s huge and that’s a very special moment in Raptors history that I feel doesn’t get appreciated enough.

There are so many details as well to the jersey that make it a classic. For one, there is a clean and discreet Toronto skyline at the back of the jersey with the NBA logo in a maple leaf. I also liked the fusion of a star with Toronto Raptors’ claw logo. Both colourways were great and even though I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this jersey… I really should’ve waited. Why? Because I could’ve saved a whole lot of money, as these ended up going on sale the day after the game for 50% off and then being as low as $40 at SVP sports!

Place of Purchase:

Price: $120 CAD


I knew Adidas Canada was going to be active in this event, and since the jersey was when the NBA had a partnership with the 3 Stripes brand I thought it was only right to rock an Adidas sneaker that will go well with the fit.

I went with with the Tubular Doom’s. When these first came out, I really really liked how they look and thought they were cool. However, I never ended up having the chance to purchase a pair until Boxing Day this past year. That’s right, I finally pulled the trigger and got me a pair of the Tubular Dooms for a STEAL. I really like the 3M detailing as well as the natural colour blocking with the grey and light brown sole, similar to the colour scheme of the first Yeezy 750.

Place of Purchase: SVP Sports

Price: $48! CAD



After I decided on the kicks, I wanted to go with a hoodie or thick sweater (because it was freezing yesterday) that goes with the sneakers.

Place of Purchase: Urban Planet

Price: $10-$20 CAD


Although the shoes itself are pretty much sock shoes, I still wanted to rock one of my raptors socks for the day. I went with this OVO themed duo sock I got as a gift from a co-worker for Secret Santa one year.

Place of Purchase: Gift, but he got it from Footlocker

Price: Gift, but I believe it was $22 CAD



Since I wore the sweater to go with the kicks, I wanted to keep it simple and go with some blue jeans to compliment the blue outline on the jersey. Therefore, I went with a decent pair that’s not simple. The brand is actually William Rast, which is co-founded by Justin Timberlake

Place of Purchase: SVP Sports

Price: $20-$30 CAD

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