INSIDE: Dole Plantation – Wahiawa, Oahu

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With all the unfavorable weather this week in Canada, it reminded me I really need to start pushing out some more content from my Hawaii Trip. One of my favourite places that I did not expect to be, was the Dole Plantation. It was magical. See below for more information and pictures from the plantation. Stay tuned for video footage of the Dole Plantation as it will be featured in an upcoming vlog.



There are several attractions inside the Plantation but if I have to pinpoint the main ones I would say it’s the train ride, maze, garden, and the gift shop.

The Gift Shop

Yes, I am including the gift shop as an attraction because it’s massive. The shop features many souvenirs, branded products, FOOD (meals, ice creams, treats and more!) and even live demonstrations!

The best Ice Cream I’ve had in MY LIFE.

The Train 

I definitely encourage everyone to check out the train ride if they ever visit the plantation. The train provides a voiceover recording to provide you more information about the different crops, fruits and other important elements in the field as you ride by. You are also able to take some pictures, but it will never be as beautiful compared to seeing it in person. See below to see what I’m talking about.

The Garden

These are only a few pictures I took, but nonetheless, it’s beautiful.



Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to check out the maze so I don’t have any pictures to be featured on this post but I’m sure you can find it online!


There are several packages available for when you visit, including a combination of visiting multiple attractions. We did the combo of Garden & Train for $16.50 USD per person, which really isn’t bad! If you wanted to check out more options and book tickets then click here! When it comes to pricing for the food, unfortunately, I don’t have all the information for that but I remember the Dole soft serve in a cup being $5.75 USD and the float being $7.50USD. Yes, it is really sweet… but trust me it’s so good!


I personally loved it. I know it might be a bit boring for some but when it comes to the relaxation feeling, good food and souvenirs I really don’t know why you won’t like it!


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